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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

the Atom feed...

OK, here we are in the world of nod, looking at yet another Blog.
I think you should really be at the Atom feed from my site
this is the Atom feed portal for Zoetrope which will not do you any good with Internet Explorer unless you feel the need to view it in raw xml.

We also have an RSS feed www.users.bigpond.com/zoetrope101/xml/zoetrope.rss which will cause the same problems should you try and bring it up in Explorer.

A capital idea would be to load the addresses in to a newsreader of the likes of Bradsoft's FeedDemon where it will live happily ever after, updating anytime there is new content.

How did it get to be April so soon?

I haven't managed to get through March yet and they're changing the months. Is this some form of April fool joke?

Updates to the main site are slow - a combination of sheer laziness and too much time spent trying to conquer such esoteric stuff as the brilliant, but frustrating FontLab (need a new font, need a new font now), and the wonderful Italian software - The Tab - cartooning software similar to the brilliant Toon Boom Studio, but, at this point in the evaluation, better.

The fixation on comic art seems to be staying longer than I had expected - usually I have learnt the thing, produced something and subsequently moved on to something else, but this one keeps coming back anytime I see new software out there to facilitate the process. Expect some sort of comic art sometime, or go [ here ] for the initial offering.