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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

85 days left...

Good heavens! 85 days left on the Type Pad trial, after which, I presume, nothing will ever be the same.

Will I ever be able to have a normal life again? Has this brush with TypePad ruined me for anything else - will I close my Blogger account and fade into the distance?

I am expecting to survive - even if I am in an altered state - which I usually am anyway, otherwise how would I manage to write this much shit and stay sane.

A trip to the park today - almost a wind there - unpacked buggy, rolled out kite, got some movement in amongst the lulls. Bad time of the year for a decent wind, but you have to try.

Wayne turned up, amused by my obsession with getting some movement, any movement. He say the more experienced you are, the less time you spend messing about with anything but good wind.

I think I may have to stay inexperienced, and continue flailing about the place. Suits me.

Downside of buggying in no wind, little wind, is the lack of need for the harness. Should be an upside but it's not. The harness makes it a whole bunch easier to get a decent run.

Holding the handles by hand is a bit hard on the legs and abdominals - if nothing else at least I will end up with pretty abs - something I have waited 49 years to get.

Back to the TypePad thing - I have just been looking at the deals they offer, and it seems to me the dreaded old zoetrope site may have to be mapped to here. They seem to have everything I need, with the possible exception of CGI scripting, Perl scripts and whatever else I seem to find a daily need for.

We will see what happens - I am still the proud owner of Movable Type - the only reason I'm not up to my elbows in it is the demand, from my ISP, that I pay twice as much for hosting so that I may have access to MySQL. Seems a little steep to me, but we will look about and see what can be done.

Friday, June 25, 2004

How to kill a week

It just gets sillier and sillier around here.

A week without wind - probably an erroneous statement, as there has been, so I am told, ample wind about to get the kite going, possibly even enough to attach bum to buggy.

Trouble is my new method, born from the 'get in the car and go method'.

My new method involves checking the beachcam on the bay, double checking with the Bureau of Metrology (is that the right word?), then checking the beachcam again, and so it goes on.

This process involves so much time that I haven't actually managed to get over there - I'm too busy double checking the weather.
The old method - 'get in the car and go' - was reasonably successful, I don't remember any day where I have had no wind at all. I've had to wait a few times for a breeze, and sometimes there hasn't been enough to get the buggy going as well, but at least I was THERE.

The new method, retired from today, was designed, so I thought, to maximize my wind time, making me stay at home on wind free days and finish some of the coding I should have had done last month.

Instead, what happens - I get on the web to check the weather, then decide to check the mail, then decide to check out a few news sites, then they lead to somewhere else, and by that time, the day, it is shot. As a result of checking the weather we now have a new a new account at  Blogger, but, you would know that because you are here, a new Type Pad account  (90 day free trial so they tell me), and have been looking closely at Movable Type - another innovation form the Six Apart team, who own TypePad as well.

I also have managed to join about 100 more mailing lists than I need, found Live Journal, signed up there as well.

In the midst of all that I have managed to do nothing useful at all that I can remember, and the week is at an end.

Work tomorrow spells the end of the light winds, for it is a rule that if I am working there will be wind, so we should see the rapid increase of wind while I mess about.

That leaves Sunday - not a good kite buggy day due to the park being full of fools and the tides being the wrong way around. Looks like early next week, even if there are school holidays, before I get my arse over there.

Could be worse. Could be snowing.

Jason has managed to get a partial grip on his BrisKites site, today he was updating the news (not RSS, the site feed), so it a start in the right direction.

Seems he has found Homesite, the preferred authoring weapon, a tad intimidating, but still managed to get something done. I figured Dreamweaver was too much of a step, so we settled on Homesite, time will tell which way we should have gone.

The Gmail invites are all gone - they give you 4 invites to aim at people, which I think is a great piece of viral marketing. Seems some people were trying to auction them on Ebay, but I don't think they were that sort after - were they?

So, a week of www junk, cold inside, huddled up to the heater, when I know for a fact that if I had gone over to the bay I would have been in shorts and T shirt, and getting a tan, breathing some sea air, all the stuff that's good for you.

We'll try again next week.

Whoa! Hang about! I forgot the opml - how bad is that. Click here for the first version of the Zoetrope OPML - containing, naturally, all our feeds, the news, BrisKites, and a few design sites. You know what to do with it if you're using Feed Demon. If you don't know what to do with it you don't need it.

As I find more decent feeds I'll add them to the list

Thursday, June 24, 2004

and, then came TypePad

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water - Zoetrope the Typepad blog arrives!

Trying to work out what all the drama that Movable Type has generated by going to a 'paid version', thus alienating thousands who think they should get everything for free, I stumbled on their 'low brow' service - Type Pad.

Now we have a 90 day trial of the thing to see what it is actually like.

Given that so many designers are using Movable Type for quick publishing, it seems worth the investigation.

Go to http://zoetrope.typepad.com/zoetrope/ to see Six Apart's equivelent of what you're looking at here.

Am I impressed? I'm getting impressed, in as much as it could be a cheap publishing solution for people.. that was the bit that passed me by the last time I investigated these things, now I'm getting to see what makes the whole thing tick.

Still thinking, still wondering.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Winter CSS blues

Cold night.

Cold start to the day, heater on, cat moved in to the office as well.

No wind on either coast, getting canny now, forcing myself to check the individual web cams aiming at the shore, looking for white tops to tell me there's a ridable breeze.

The entire day, the whole damn thing, spent on 'webby' type stuff. The stuff that you do when you get obsessed by wanting to do things that require a database, or CGI minimum, while not having either facility with current provider.

Go here > forbidden-siren < where you will be greeted by yet another Hi Res site, this one for Sony Entertainment, pushing a new Playstation game.

Go to the bit where the you are asked your email address by a chatbot thing, then sent an imorientedededed, just to keep you guessing.

That's what I need to do for the 'operations' project. Only thing is, auto responders always require CGI script facility, and I, for reasons I will never understand, want to do it without CGI, Perl, or anything else.

Couple that with the ability to run into CSS sites all over the place that need investigation, and you have the entire day gone.

Before I even managed to crank up Dreamweaver.

Some of the latest sites sporting CSS layouts are just too good.

Witness the selection below.

I Begin With An Idea - wonderful stuff.

Forget Foo - a masterpiece of coding.

K10K - the Cuban Design Council.

The CSS Vault - just the thing to convince you to go CSS for your site.

A List Apart - the definitive site construction authority.

And, this is just a few that I am to be found sniffing around daily.

See why it takes me all day to find that there is no way to do what I wanted to do, and I already knew it.

If it's a no wind day tomorrow I guess I'd better start on making zoetrope accessible - beginning with access keys off the main menu, and adding a little voice stuff here and there.

Roll on wind.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

the shortest day, and some others

The shortest day - today. Just in case you needed to know. That's if you're in the Southern Hemisphere - today.

Coldest day yet this winter. Today. Now.

Two days of gale force Westerly winds, skin drying, cold, hideous wind,not a kite wind either.

A weekend notable not only for the cold but the fact that we took a trip South instead of North.

Northern New South Wales, Mullumbimby, hippie country, home of laid back living, the home of life long friend Bruce, currently engaged as a donut spruicker for the famous Byron Bay Doughnuts (yes dough).

Home also of Phil the donut maker, building a great business, working hard for it.

Organic flour, hand made, something that won't kill you - Phil knows his business.

Bruce being Father of god daughter Megan, herself a resident of the region with man Pete and collection of children.

Good to see real people after so long. The gap probably approaching two years, but the guy is still the same, always will be - that's the beauty of knowing him.

This is probably his 100th address in the region - moves about a bit, sometimes spending time alone, sometimes sharing.

Nice place, right on the Brunswick river (I may have just made that up), right on a river, big house, relaxing place.

Bruce, now net connected, and semi employed, still laid back and happy, with new female friend.

A fine day, with fine company.

Anything would be laid back after the maelstrom of activity on the Saturday when we went out to do the cleaning bursting with efficiency and enthusiasm, only to find we had forgotten the mops - a staple of commercial cleaning.

Recovering from that took visits to two supermarkets, one bag of licorice all sorts, a block of chocolate and cumulated in going to a hardware store to get the correct item.

Result - running late and chocolate overdose. Killed by Cadbury's new triple decker.

Diet of V8 juice for a couple of days to straighten out the stomach.

Weather hideously cold, not so much outside, where there is at least a chance of some sun, out of the wind.

Cold inside, deep penetrating cold, comes from being on a concrete block which sits on the ground, drawing moisture and cold into itself, staying frigid most of the day - I'm not sure about houses sitting on the ground, last one having the dubious advantage of being up on stumps as is the custom here.

Friday cold as well, trying to take advantage of the huge wind blowing in off the bay, kite lifting me off my feet several times while I was trying to get from the launch point back to the buggy, making it hard, nearly ripped my arms off.

Finally get control of the thing only to find the wind diminished to small puffs, useless for anything at all. Remainder of afternoon spent in bursts of activity when a breeze was sensed, chasing anything that would create power.

More energy expended running about looking for lift than actually being powered up in the buggy.

Television featuring a Kubrick celebration - including Barry Lyndon, the movie that convinced me that available light photography is the only way to go. Great photography.

We've already had A Clockwork Orange (banned for years as I remember), Eyes Wide Shut, and others examples of his brilliance.. and now he's dead.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

vandal squad, and it's blowing

All morning perusing the 2004 Pirelli calendar - took me 6 months to remember it.

I've seen better years.

Online graffiti - just what the world needs. Go to www.vandalsquad.com and have a look at what the blokes from Less Rain have been doing for the benefit of the on line addicted.

This way you don't have to leave the comfort of your screen to go out and tag stuff.

Another triumph for the Less Rain crew - remember 'Graffiti is not art, it's a crime!', that's what they tell us.

You manage a good illo let me know and I'll post it on Zoetrope as well.

The continuing saga of trying to get some serious wind for the kite buggy saw yet another trip over to the bay, finding a virtual gale happening - until I eventually got around to getting all the gear out.

By that time the wind had dwindled to a few gusts, prompting surges of 20 feet before running out of chuff again.

Winter wind. Ain't nothing as bitchy in this locale, but you have to keep trying.

Never know when it will be going at the right speed, right direction.

It will no doubt happen this weekend - we have to get our arses down to Northern NSW, hippy country, to see the god daughter and family.

Bit too far inland to be looking for wind for the buggy.

Probably anti social as well.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

see ya Greg

One of those days. Old mate, fellow cab driver, fellow office worker, one time employee, all time friend, husband of the wonderful Di, Greg Cousins dead at 47 years old.

Some hideous blood disease that had taken him over and reduced him to rubble. Observers told me some time ago he was getting better.

I don't see death as a way of getting better, unless, for him it was.

Greg's contribution to my education was Hunter S Thompson - specifically 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', we sent out for a copy the minute he learned I had not read it, working, as we were in a cab company made that sort of purchase as easy as picking up the phone.

Fear and Loathing arrived, I read it that afternoon, and have loved Hunter S ever since. Thank you for that Greg.

If you haven't read it you have 24 hours to get it, study it, and prepare to answer questions on it.

It's a bitch of a life sometimes, Greg's demise set the tone for the rest of the day - went, seeking solace, over to the kite park, 50 klm away.

Weather service promised 15 - 20 knot winds.

Park got no wind and a kite club display day involving huge single line installations that take over the entire park making it impossible to get in any form of buggy ride.

Made worse by the fact that the kite club president ambled up to declare that buggies were banned in the park.

Yeh right, wrong day for that little number pal, as he found out.

Forced (probably by Hunter S Thompson) to threaten to bite his face and eat his babies, making him all jumpy.

I'm not into florid faced, overweight, blustering twats telling me what I can and can't do.

There's already too many of them on the planet, shoot one today, make the world a more pleasant place.

I'm thinking I should carry a can of marking paint so that I can spray the head of any suspect I see, make it easier to aim at 'em from a distance.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Flash does voice, skydiving costs rise

This is the type of thing that happens when a bloke has too much time on his hands.

Finally got, for reasons unknown, into the workings of Flash MX (I'm not rich enough to own Flash MX 2004) and discovered, with the help of a few magazines I should have read 9 months ago, that Flash handles microphone input.

Stunned, amazed. (You, not me)

Amazed, stunned. (me, not you)

All morning devoted to fighting some sort of solution out of the bloody thing.

Some days are not good.

Got a result, which is in here somewhere protecting one of the directories, but you do need to have a microphone  connected to get anywhere, and, take a tip from me, you have to be hardcore to chase this one around. I'll have to do others for more accessible areas, but the current application suited it perfectly.

Naturally, on a day where I have had some success, proof of concept wise, there must be a downside, and it arrived in the mail.

Annual subscription to the Australian Parachute Federation increases, this year, by some $40, on the back of a similar increase last year.

This is not the fault of the Federation, far from it.

It's caused by lame brains like you perhaps. People who seem to think that they are owed a payout for anything that happened to them, their pets, their car, whatever, people who thrive on greed.

Does that sound like you?

There have been a rash of claims made by people who are slavishly following the US habit of suing for anything (as long as it involves a lot of money), and, as a result of the claims most insurance companies have decided that the skydiving fraternity are a bad risk.

Close, but wrong. The fraternity aren't the bad risk, just any lamer who feels the need to sue after doing something stupid and getting damaged.

I think it sounds like you. You even think it sounds like you, don't you?

I'll be looking forward to seeing you in action next time I'm at the drop zone. You'll be the one bitching because you had to sign away any rights you were counting on making you rich, before you even get a foot on the plane.

You caused it, you wear it. Seems to me, best I can predict, is we are going down the same road as the US - sue and damn the rest.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

of warchalking and things wireless...

Caution - Author currently having obsessive thoughts about Warchalking, amongst other things.
How busy have I been then?

Two posts in 24 hours, and an update of site blog feeds in both RSS and Atom. Just goes to show what a public holiday at home with the kids, and no wind, will do for a bloke.

Two things are vexing me.

More than two things are vexing me, but for the purposes of this, two things are vexing me.

Vexation one: How can I cause mp3 files to be linked, as in, one finishes and the next one begins to play.

Not the standard trip of using a playlist, or, easier anyway, using Flash.

This has to be a barebones method that will float throught the most hardy of firewalls without causing a drama.

There is no nefarious purpose here, unusually, just a need to have one, small 'leader' mp3, followed by a larger one, both to be referenced externally, i.e. off the back of the Zoetrope site.

We have just proved that embedded mp3 addresses float well through the standard email system, but now we need to be able to connect them.

Remember, this is not a complicated thing we're looking for, if that were the case we could use Shoutcast, Flash, whatever.

Vexation 2: Warchalking is not taking off in Australia.

Not taking off as much as it should anyway.

Whats happened? Everyone uses the same gear, same software, and yet we don't seem to boast any sites devoted to 802.11 warchalking that I can find.

Check out London - pages of 'em
Check out LA - pages of 'em

So what happened to Australia? Am I assuming too much when it comes to wireless connections for Australia?

Has no one taken up using 802.11?

Have they taken up using it AND managed to secure it better than anywhere else on earth, rendering any attempts to use it useless?

I doubt it - this is the land of nod when it comes to companies securing their assetts, this lot over here think that it will never happen to them - which is what they think about every threat that looms on the horizon.

Warchalkers of the Southern Hemisphere - wake up.

A long weekend against the tides

This is big.

Prior to the long weekend - as I mentioned - Queens Birthday -

Were you not listening?

As I said, prior to the long weekend, just minutes before in fact,
literally, (ask Yvonne, she was getting bitchy because the kids had been
dispatched to their Father, and she was pushing for an early meal,our habit when we get rid of the kids and are facing a long weekend)

Prior then, by minutes, I discovered that everyone's favorite news reader Feed Demon, now in it's second version, that being 1.1, now supports Atom feeds as well.

How big is that? How big is it when I discover it 5 minutes out from feeding
time? Late food.

Seems author Nick Bradbury decided to go with both, a wise and helpful move considering that no one on Earth seems to know which of the formats they are supposed to be using.

Well, I don't anyway.

So confused did I become I have duplicated the entire bloody thing on

Trouble now is I have the site RSS, the site Atom, and now the Blogger,
which they tell me is further syndicated as Atom.

Update, one forget the other two.

RSS has a different layout to Atom, Blogger has something in between.

I was getting good at cutting and pasting.

Till I found they don't like each other. A URL entered in Atom is just a
mess of lettering in Blogger.

It's all academic. (that's what we say when we really don't know what the
solution is), it's all academic now with Feed Demon supporting both RSS and Atom.

And me discovering AudioBlogger like I mentioned. Shit, It get's too hard,
I'll just phone the suckers in, let them sort out the format.

Naturally the AudioBlog trip has caused shitloads of ideas about what to do
with sound now - my brain could have done without the grief, but that's how it goes.

It got a small rest over the weekend - contracts on Saturday and yesterday a frantic trip up to Bribie Island in search of a low tide and perfect wind we had been informed of by the weather lady.

Got the low tide.

Got to cover over a kilometer at a trot, dragging the buggies, to get ahead
of the now incoming tide, got to run out the kite lines, and get a set of
line twists that people have nightmares about.

Got no wind.

Tide began to come back in - rapidly.

Got to recover, not at a trot, the kilometer or so to get back to the cars.

First time on a white sand beach with the buggy and I don't get going.

All this backing up from the Friday night when my narcotic intake was so
high most people would have fainted, but which left me with a twisted,
sleepless night.

I thought they called it Somniferum, as in Papaver Somniferum as in somniferous - sleep.

What happened?

What does it take to get some sleep?

Friday, June 11, 2004

Suburban buggy terror, big wind

Next post, and the topic, wind.

I had good wind today.

Inside all week working on the refreshing of the 'zoetrope operations' area, polishing it up for another outing.

Old participants should reregister.

You need the operations area? You'll find it.

Good wind after a week indoors is appreciated.

Even by me.

Buggy out, assembled, in record time, kite out, line tangle just to complicate things, but done good, done fast.

Spent two hours, no harness, just arm power, back and forward .

Never seen the park from so many different angles in one sitting. No one to chew on my ears. No one bitching.

Getting braver, pushing the limits of adhesion - my bum to the buggy seat. Arms getting heavy. Left early to get ahead of the rush of fools that populate the roads when there is a long weekend on.

We're celebrating Queens Birthday - no one really knows. Or cares. It's a long weekend. They a whole extra day to fuck up. Plenty do.

I discovered AudioBlogger. It actually discovered me. Blogging is big time now.

I rang in a test one on the mobile. Wanted to be the first Kiwi from Australia blooging audio on a mobile (cell?). I don't have any evidence of anyone else being quite as stupid.

Go here www.steamboy.net , it's the most expensive anime film ever made - 2.4 billion yen, 180,000 drawings. The site is in Japanese, but you'll get the idea.

I want to be Steamboy when I grow up

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The first AudioPost from Australia

this is an audio post - click to play

Beat this then, an audio post by a Kiwi in Australia on a mobile phone.

Don't ask....

It was just something that needed doing at the time.

Now all I have to do is develop a life and all should be well.

The whole audio blog thing looks set to take off, in my opinion, and I am already seething with ideas about how to get it out to a wider audience - webcasts?

Saturday, June 05, 2004

another day with wind ....

Finally, a day with wind.

This is not your average flatulence report, although there are people out there who maintain that's the extent of my meanderings, this is about the weather type wind, the stuff that makes kites fly and makes it easier for trees to fall over and kill people.

Friday, out to the many times mentioned park, to find, surprisingly, a vista of minor white caps in the bay and the palms bending - a sure sign of kite surfing nirvana and equally, buggy heaven.

Dispensing with the harness - too small an area to cut away the kite if trouble arrives, by the time the release is reached for and activated - choosing sheer arm power instead, kite launched, me launched, buggy cruising.

So, finally, after some two months of serious pissing about, I manage to get everything to work together.

A satisfying, but wildly strenuous time was had by me, the sole inhabitant of the place. Eventually had to retire from the field when the arms became unable to stand the strain of hanging onto the handles - that is where the harness comes in.

An addictive thing this power kite business, and even more so when there is a buggy involved. If you're going to have an addiction and can't afford heroin, then power kites would have to be worth a look.

Bitching sore arms, legs and ab muscles today testify to having a good time.

On Flash installations that make 'bling' worthwhile have a look at www.punisherthemovie.com, the teaser site for the recently released movie starring John Travolta.

The Flash in it is so good I'm almost embarrassed to admit that it is a 'must copy' - the trouble being that the entire world would know exactly where you got the layout from. It's a hard life.

More Flash, this time from the master of illustration Vincent Marcone - point your browser at www.johnnyhollow.com to see just how good this guy is. If you feel the need for any of his work aim at www.mypetskeleton.com where he sells limited edition prints produced by the giclee technique. (no, I'm not going to explain what that is, look it up for yourself.)

We had a flirtation with print making years ago after discovering the ground breaking techniques of Australian print maker Dianne Longley who was good enough to write a book on the subject of Photopolymer plates - (Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates ISBN 0 646 273392 2) which inspired me.

We conversed at length, at one time the subject of a collaboration came up, involving more photographic method, but dear Yvonne appeared to sense some sort of threat to her carefully controlled home environment, and I couldn't take it any further.

One of the great regrets of my life - a chance to not only work alongside a truly great print artist, but to also have some input into a new book.

Anyone feeling the need to buy me an etching press would be welcome.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Punisher, and the first good wind day

Transfixed, amazed, enchanted, stunned....

And that is just about the weather. A huge wind day across town at 'the park' means we have lift off, in a big way, finally, for the Ngen and the buggy, and me.

This is the first real wind I have had the pleasure to be involved with since the inception of the buggy, and it was a hell of an experience.

The park, being so small, only allows the briefest of 'swoops' into the power zone before it's time to turn, and turn quickly - better I head to a beach for some sustained high speed straight line stuff.

Transfixed, amazed, enchanted, stunned.... again......

Another matter has grabbed my attention - Punisher - the movie, and, more importantly, the web site. Go here www.punisherthemovie.com and follow the thing, another smash hit for Flash, and HiRes, the company behind the site.

Go there, this instant, and investigate the thing in detail - this is the sort of thing that should be the web portal of our Zoetrope, and we may well have to brush up on the old Flash skills and start so serious coding.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

things are looking up...

It's getting better... the buggy seat is back, looking as new as it actually is, and sporting the requested reinforcements.

How lucky was I to find an upholstery shop where the owner understood what I wanted - I'm impressed.

Now, all I have to do is explain to him about the leather bum on my overalls, that should make his head spin!

Weird shit happening in Japan - 11 year old girls killing 12 year old girls. What's going on over there?

The place is starting to take on the mentality of the US - if in doubt kill.

As we all know, Japanese girls are the best looking women in the world, and now they're killing each other - stop it! Now! If I had the resources I would be over there in an instant to put an end to this wanton waste, replacing it with wanton lust, which I think is a lot more healthy.

Damn news item - almost made me forget my primary function this week.

Winter being here, albeit a mild one so far, and it's time to plant out a few things, vegetables naturally, and of more interest to me, the poppy season begins.

A tradition of long standing - the search for the elusive perfect poppy, an annual event for me.

Those poor miniscule seeds will spend few weeks battling to even get through the dirt cover, and, having succeeded at that they will continue to defy the odds and will end up some 4 - 6 feet high - eventually producing flowers of no great beauty, but a powerful symbol.

Don't ask, it's just something I do, way I figure it, we'd probably all be better off if the population smoked more opium - at least they would be too tired to keep bombing each other.

How do I expect this years crop to go? Probably as badly as other years, but we live in hope - I'll keep you informed.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

June arrives, bringing winter

It's official, it's winter here in the Southern Hemisphere.

It began today, and I celebrated it (like winter is something to celebrate)with a medium case of sunburn after spending the day at the park in beautiful sunshine, but devoid of wind, the vital ingrediant for successful kite buggying.

Finally managed a brief gust or two which satisfied me after a blast the length of the park.

The doomsayers arrived in time to explain to me there was no wind, and therefore no need to even be there, far better, I presume, to be standing on the sidelines having an opinion but avoiding doing anything.

Where are we getting all the negativity from ?

It's like a global disease.

Nothing is ever 'right' anymore, the downside seems to be the way to go for everything. I have never seen it this bad. Seems just about anyone you run into now is just waiting for the opportunity to 'unload' on you the minute there gets to be a space to fit it in.

People wonder why I keep my distance - my experience, what happens is they are all walking talking time bombs, who, for reasons that I have yet to discover, seem to walk around with a cloud over them, ready to start bitching about anything they can, must make them feel better, don't know why.

And, the bitch of it is - I really don't give a shit what miny crisis they are having - it's like a cold - give it to someone else!

Shit, I'm the depressive here, and even I am more upbeat than people I have run into today.

lard arse kills my seat..

It just goes from bad to slightly more bad, seems that on the weekend, in the park with the rest of the doomsayer club, perhaps I should call that the all talk and no action club, the new buggy caught the eye of a portly friend.

Would have been nice to know before now that the flop of a substantial weight caused a seam to rip out of one of the critical pressure points of the seat on the buggy.

So it seems that not only do they all seem to have developed an unhealthy outlook on life, but, that they might have to review the method of getting a 'big boy' body into a seat setup for a normal sized human.

What next ? Down to the upholstery shop to get the thing made big people proof....

All this and we're only one day into June......