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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Communication servers vs 9mm Glock or buggying and voice recording live

It's odd where the week can take you when you're not ready for it.

School holidays mean that the tiresome clutch of whiners are depleted, but not gone altogether, and naturally, the two that live here are still here, bitching at one another, demanding entertainment, the elder being too cool to do anything but lie on the couch.

Tuesday tried for wind out at the coast - got enough to buggy about a bit, but by mid afternoon sat, becalmed, in the center of the park, nothing happening.

Time better spent lurking around the net looking for a method, other than Flash Communication Server, to take incoming audio, record it, and allow it to be played back. More complicated than I thought. AudioBlogger started all this. Now I want to be able to do the same thing, only more, better, faster, stronger.

But, the difference is I have to be able to do it without access to CGI, Perl, or any form of database, such are the limitations of the present provider, who came free with the access. It's not an account you could use to do anything spectacular at all, and appears to reflect Telstra's attitude to all of their technology. Lucky we have a choice of providers.

In amongst this search, in the midst of chasing an auto responder script from somewhere, I did manage to fall across a community, a huge community, that deal with all things 'bot' related.

Behold, the new Zoetrope bot, available from the site menu. Go there and have a talk to it. Remember, it's still in the process of being trained, so don't expect it to remember your name...yet.

Naturally the bot has taken up the rest of my week - to date. We still have high hopes for a wind on Friday. Not that we mind having to sit it out - there is no wind, there is no anything, except the ever intrusive whine of the children, but I can block that out with a pair of headphones and some Pink Floyd.

Conducive to belting out TypePad entries (80 something days to go on the trial), Blogger entries (we like Blogger), Live Journal entries (never very sure what they are up to over there at Live Journal).

Time spent constructing a 'wish list' - something we didn't know about before - you can bet that will find it's way on to the site! Go there now and buy me expensive books and things, and I promise to be your friend.

That's how it works isn't it?

This week also saw the 'handover' of Iraq back to Iraq, so we are led to believe. Now, let's all sit about and watch as the USA begins the string pulling that they have renamed democracy. I don't know how the new Prez of Iraq must feel with the US's hand up his arse, making his head nod and his lips move. Not too well I don't think. I wonder what it feels like to be so loathsome that you are offered the job of running Iraq?

All it does for me - serves to remind me to keep my weapons licence's up to date, looks like another trip out to the range to fire some 9mm rounds through a user friendly Glock.


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