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Friday, June 11, 2004

Suburban buggy terror, big wind

Next post, and the topic, wind.

I had good wind today.

Inside all week working on the refreshing of the 'zoetrope operations' area, polishing it up for another outing.

Old participants should reregister.

You need the operations area? You'll find it.

Good wind after a week indoors is appreciated.

Even by me.

Buggy out, assembled, in record time, kite out, line tangle just to complicate things, but done good, done fast.

Spent two hours, no harness, just arm power, back and forward .

Never seen the park from so many different angles in one sitting. No one to chew on my ears. No one bitching.

Getting braver, pushing the limits of adhesion - my bum to the buggy seat. Arms getting heavy. Left early to get ahead of the rush of fools that populate the roads when there is a long weekend on.

We're celebrating Queens Birthday - no one really knows. Or cares. It's a long weekend. They a whole extra day to fuck up. Plenty do.

I discovered AudioBlogger. It actually discovered me. Blogging is big time now.

I rang in a test one on the mobile. Wanted to be the first Kiwi from Australia blooging audio on a mobile (cell?). I don't have any evidence of anyone else being quite as stupid.

Go here www.steamboy.net , it's the most expensive anime film ever made - 2.4 billion yen, 180,000 drawings. The site is in Japanese, but you'll get the idea.

I want to be Steamboy when I grow up


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