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Monday, August 02, 2004

midway and Mums still alive

It looks like she might survive - the Mother I mean.

She's managed a few days without me having to resort to violence.

Park visit today, to show the buggy in action and hopefully run into some of the guys. Managed to show her Alan, Jason and Janine, so at least she knows who I'm talking about when I'm filling her in on details by phone as we do.

Plenty of bad wind managed to make the buggy aspect a risky proposition, but had to have a go anyway.

Got buggy legs and arms out of it, but had a good time anyway. (Buggy legs are what you end up with when you're pushing hard on the foot pegs to hold yourself in the buggy because the kite hates you and wants to pull you out and drag you along the ground. - if you needed to know that.)

Two weeks without the wonder drug Celebrex (arthritis people will know) and it's beginning to look like the knee might have to be done.

This was an entirely unexpected outcome. I had assumed, pain free as I have been, that the knee had sorted itself, but these two weeks 'clean' have proved there is something not quite right with the thing.

Perhaps, when I get time, I will worry more about it. Perhaps I will think 'fuck it' and just leave it alone. They're still making painkillers and I have been addicted to codeine for years, what's a few more?

Go here http://www.forgetfoo.com/ and see what you think of the styling. He had a great way of doing CSS mouseovers for buttons which impressed me, as did his substantial collection of pure babes that he has kindly made available.


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