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Monday, August 23, 2004

upgrade time for the beast

It's time for a new machine.

This one is to go to the kids desk, give them something else to fuck up. I'll take the one from there to use as a server and replace this with something appealing.

It looks to be Dell that's winning the war for my dollar at the moment.

1Gb of RAM won me over, although I fell in love with the idea of the 2Gb they offer as an extra.

Hard drive size has these days become unimportant - they're big enough now to not have to worry about that sort of thing, but we will need to look at over 100Gb to make it fully ludicrous. Was a time a few years ago when that sort of size just plain didn't work, causing all sorts of partitioning dramas. Doesn't happen now.

I'm still bitching at software manufacturers who insist on demanding XP or 2000 as a 'minimum operating system', but it looks like they may get their way because we are damn near locked in to XP Pro.

Doesn't mean I need to give those greedy bastards any more money for upgrades though, fact is, if I can I intend to keep all the 'pre XP' software - failing, as yet anyway, to see the need to swap from what I'm used to already.

In our case it means the difference between Dreamweaver MX and Dreamweaver MX 2004, a bloated sprawling minor upgrade on the brilliant MX.

Same goes for Photoshop - What does Photoshop CS really have that makes it work the update from our current version 7? Not a lot, except for more bloat, and more paranoid anti piracy dongles.

Get over it software developers, just get over it. You people take yourselves way too seriously.

Seems you think that we cannot live without you, and should therefore pay through the nose for the standard bug ridden shit that you all trot out.

No one seems to have told you that there is an entire world of freeware, opensource stuff out there that does the job just as well.

Take Gimp for example - an image editor that I rate as being right up there with Photoshop, the difference being the price. The Gimp is free, and the Gimp is fast.

People are starting to catch on - the more the better.

You want to do high end sound work - Audacity - free, opensource, better than anything I have, and believe me, when it comes to sound I have all the bells and whistles, I just never use them.

Anything you want, anything you need, you can get from the much vaunted SourceForge - the home of the free. Go there have a look at the sheer amount of freeware that's available. Then think long and hard about whether you really need to pay the $1700 for Photoshop, because you don't.


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