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Sunday, October 17, 2004

and back to reality

Had to happen.
Time is up.
Two weeks of no children about to change. It's Sunday and they are on their way home.

A good two weeks. Spent it doing bugger all. Good just to be able to converse without being interrupted, except by the cat who seems to think it his duty to keep up a barrage of comments.

Didn't travel too much, down to the Coast once, to check the sand pumping jetty as a place for uninterrupted buggy driving. Too crowded, too many lifesavers taking a dim view of people in buggies running over the madding crowds. Not helped by the drowning, earlier in the week, of a child in the very same place as we were looking.

Opted instead for the nearby park, apparently unused during the week and crying out for some attention from me. Two hours racing about it in a wind that had all but ripped the skin off Yvonne, seated nearby reading a book, probably hoping I would give up before too long.

Down to Redland Bay, home of May and Don, and Randle, their disabled son. Wonderful people. Had the pleasure of working with May for a while at a well known towing company. She in administration, me the radio operator. Good times had by all.

Sad indeed that we only get there once a year. They're close - in the same city, and we still don't get there.

Resolved to do better this year, just like we did last year.

Back to the real World. Back to the latest project - PHP and mySQL - probably about time I did some database things, especially since we now have a spare machine for a server.

Doesn't look like it will be something that I will feel the need to write a book about, seems that plenty of people claim to be experts in it's use if the answers to a query I posted are anything to go by.

Reality - I'm not ready for it yet.


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