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Monday, October 25, 2004

mySQL, my arse...

A week off.

A week to kill while I wait for the stitches to have become so embedded in my flesh that I won't be able to get them out. Happens most times, I resort to hacking at flesh with a razor blade to get to the knot.

A week to investigate the possibilities afforded by using prebuilt PHP modules to build a site that can be easily managed. Geeks will tell you they're named CMS (content management system). I'm telling you they're a wheelbarrow full of PHP code, all stuck together very nicely so that people like me can get a handle on them.

The list of available CMS is huge, but I have finally managed to pare it down to a few good ones. Mambo for one, MDPro for another (thanks Alan).

There had been prior concerns about CMS products taking business away from Dreamweaver coders like me - totally unfounded as it turns out, in fact, if anything they will bring more work our way, requiring, as we now know, a certain amount of knowledge of the PHP/Apache/mySQL environment.

A week to set up the spare '98 machine as a local server, complete with PWS and Apache (don't ask), and sporting a new mySQL database, all running a foot away.

The poor old thing has developed a complex about running so much PHP (figured I might as well run phpBBS as well, along with OScommerce, just to make it grunt a bit).

Grunt it does, so much so that for the second time today it has spat the database out - corrupted and not rebuildable. I am indeed pleased this is a local install, and I don't have to redo it via remote.

The outcome? We have become fans of the award winning Mambo - Linux software 2004 award - and we are developing a deep relationship with MDPro.

We're over the worry that everyone is going to rush out and install, configure and run their own setup - new thinking is that it would be better if they did.

Our new thinking is that the cost for rescuing doomed installs should incur a penalty of at least plus 50% dollar value to cover the frustration of cleaning up someone else's mess.

Go forth, multiply, have a look at the CMS revolution, it's something that should have a profound effect on the way things are done on the web.

Then again I said that about Blogger.


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