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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

another operation..

Another operation for the Mother, another cancer removed, back in postop groggy form morphine, but still able to talk, it's times like this that the mere 3 hour distance seems to stretch to incredible proportions.

She's now due for a full scan, again, to have a decent look at her, she's not going to get off on that - MRI's are noisy bloody things, and I was only getting my knee done.

Renewed passport safely to hand, after a nervous two weeks being without one - not a feeling I like at all. It's the one document that gets me out of here if I feel the need, and you never can tell when the need will be felt.

Right now, with Mother Hen all wound because her favorite son is down at the local McDonald's for a mere two hour orientation, terrified he might have to walk home in the dark, the need to get away is featuring.

Could be the three hour stint in the park under a blazing sun in fickle wind, fighting the baby 2m Buster that caused my mouth to open at the wrong time and suggest he could for once find his own way home, bad move, I forgot we're still breathing for him as well.

It looks, on the subject of winds, that the summer prevailing is going to be a Northerly more often than not - a conclusion arrived at today after checking the weather history.

Back to the drawing board for the buggying plans then - the Northerly is a bitch at the Clontarf park, coming in, as it does, from over the buildings rather than off the sea. This makes the Gold Coast park, only 10 minutes more driving distance, in exactly the opposite direction, a far better prospect, the Northerly there coming straight up the channel aiming for my kites.

Seems we may have a change of venue, and a good choice it is for the eye candy on the Gold Coast is somewhat more 'complete' than what I have been getting. All I seem to see is muffin topped blimps on roller blades, a worrying sight anywhere.

Prevailing winds being my only worry I should be a pleased man indeed, but, of course that's never the way is it.


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