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Monday, January 10, 2005

Dell dies...

It's dead. It died overnight. It was quick, I think, I wasn't there to see it.

Fan died, fan died and that stops the thing from going - luckily - a 3.8Ghz processor rendering a 60 sec video - which is what I had planned for today, would have died in moments with out the fan(s) running.

An hour on the phone to Bangalore, unplug, replug, reboot, unboot, unclip, un everything, re everything - I thought it was a power supply, he demonstrated it was a fan - lucky I listened for once, I was about to start screaming for a power supply, which would have made me look like a fool.

Result - maybe a two / three day wait for the fan and someone to put it in. They don't seem to trust me. Result - strange happiness, no deadlines all of a sudden, no pressing need to have stuff ready to go out the door - blame Dell, blame anything, and not feel guilty.

..happy day spent cruising about the net, for nothing in particular, like a holiday, found a wonderful collection of exploitive images used in advertising, all parked neatly for me on some feminist's, 'all men are pigs' site, thank you for making that effort - I had been looking all over the place for the D&G 'video' collection, featuring stills of shameless women all attached in one way or another to multiple video cameras - you'll see it soon, I just have to use it for the sheer brilliance of it.

An excellent series that made the entire feminist movement damp up with rage at the exploitation - or was it jealousy at not getting a spot on the shoot? We think the later.

Also gave me all the other 'exploitive' adverts - some of which I had never seen - thank you brave feminists, now go back and grow more hair under your arms.

From hairy, outraged women to Microsoft's offering in spam control - really. Go to Microsoft and look for a spyware remover they are giving away - in Beta at the moment, but it managed to find 300 entries on this, the kids machine, directly after I had run AdAware - good stuff.

Please don't tell me this is the start of Microsoft putting something back - I don't think I could stand it.

I'm off the 'road' for as long as it takes to get a fan, maybe during that time I can get a life?


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