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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

swimming pools to keep out of the rain..

Cyclonic conditions prevail.

Bike tube repair does not mitigate vast amounts of vertical water conspiring to make me lose it in a very public way on first corner.

Glass wearer's should not expect to be able to see well in this weather.

Swimming pool - major experience.

Much noise. Screaming children learning how not to drown. Major effort from stereo as well provides atomosphere for competition for noise output.

Distractingly slim girls man the office. Pay money. Swim. Seems simple enough.

Last time in any form of outdoor water - San Fernando, Philippines, beach resort, relaxing there as a respite form Manila. Sea lice tried to eat me.

Shock of water immense, driving the air right out of me, much spluttering on reaching the surface again, praying not enough for them to launch into some rescue operation.

Hard to tell, no glasses mean no vision, no chance to perve on female swimmers, but enough to make out the unmistakable shape of the feminine form in black lycra.

6 faltering laps. Stopping at each end to deal with massive tightness of chest presumably caused by lack of ability to breath.

Chlorine - great smell, clean smell.

Indoor swimming pool with open sides allows swimming while watching the driving wind and rain outside. A unique experience.

Purchase another 20 entry passes, for me and Yvonne should she feel the need.

It could be another way of losing this weight when the roads are deep in these sub tropical conditions, it could be another way of getting used to leaving the house, a major event for me, a person who hates interaction with the outside world.

It could be just a handy thing to do for the hell of it.


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