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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

and yet another day..

OK, another day passes.

Internet Explorer lives another day. This time I needed it to be working. A working Internet Explorer is about the only way you can track down and kill everything associated with the wondrous, all pervading - vipsearch - to use one of the many names the bastard uses while casually getting hold of IE and generally driving it anywhere but where you want it to go.

Doesn't matter how hard you try these little buggers keep coming back and getting at IE. IE loves it.

So, it had to survive another day while I did the 'search everywhere and remember to save the registry entries you delete in case the entire thing fails to start'.

Removed the 100's of registry entries, pulled them apart, tracked down the dll's that needed removing, searched anything to do with Microsoft products and removed any other references to odd URL's. Essentially did a slash and burn through the entire machine.

What I want to know is how does 'joe blow', the normal everyday user of a Microsoft product, get on. Does he spend the time rooting about in the hopelessly outmoded registry? Does he even have the time, let alone the knowledge?

Or does he throw himself on the mercy of the Microsoft help center - the 'let's begin by reinstalling everything you ever had', that everyone knows about but tries to avoid?

I'm lucky, all I had to do for the day was go buy another vacuum cleaner, something we use in the cleaning contracts, as well as $500 of vicious chemicals for the very same thing, buy a new biking jersey, and spend considerable time eyeing of a fine looking bike that may well have to be mine one day. That's my busy day.

What happens to people who really do get up in the morning, do a full days work, come home, eat, and want to spend an hour or two telling lies in a chatroom or looking up new and novel pornography sites? Where do they have the time, energy, and inclination to get rid of some hideous piece of badly coded shit that they managed to pick up on their way around the web.

No wonder IT support staff are so popular - that must be what they do all day. Mindless stuff.

Meantime I still get to spend the rest of the day disassembling a Windows installation to get rid of a bug that the replacement browser won't even think about interacting with, but that I have to get rid of 'just in case' the bloody thing does try to do something.

Internet Explorer indeed gets to live another day, but the time is coming, the time is most definitely coming...


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