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Thursday, April 28, 2005

incentive vs rain

Biking began. Biking ceased. Rain. Me on a bike and rain nearly always ends with tears and the need for a new bike jersey, after the one I was wearing at the time gets seriously worn by being ground along the pavement.

What to do? All day aside for biking, maybe even a buggy blast on the new, vast oval discovered on the weekend.

Could risk certain trojan infestation by cruising porn sites. Boring.

Maybe track down a few more recordings of numbers stations.

Could continue on the Maya project, now that I have become a little more proficient in the use of this truly magnificent program. I'm so could at it now that I don't hyperventilate when I tell anyone who will listen that I am 'Maya savvy', an embarrassing habit I have fallen into.

Could gain some serious inspiration by cruising the Hillman Curtis site, as I often do. This guy is doing stuff with video and Flash that has to be seen to be believed.

Interviews with some of the greats, in all fields - the latest the great Milton Glasser, also typographic guru and designer Paula Scher, and many more, filmed by Hillman himself in most cases, with some of the cleanest editing I have seen.

Inspiration gained, appetite whetted, sent off an email demanding to know what sort of camera he is using for all this stuff. I figure I might as well ask. An interview on flashstreamworks.com, he did wasn't much help with that question, but it did confirm what I have been banging on about for the last year: video via Flash is the thing. Not the coming thing, the thing, the thing we should be doing. All corporate sites could do with a multi edit, multi angle Flash vid - explaining what they do, what the want... you all know the story, you just don't get it though.

Interactive, engaging, engrossing. What more is there?


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