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Monday, May 16, 2005


Weekend to myself. Rare event. Yvonne and kids meeting grandparents in Noosa. The grandparents flew, from New Zealand, into Cairns, my old stomping ground, last week, spent a few days there and then drove themselves down to Noosa.

Weekend to myself. Cleaning contracts kept me busy, the solitude at home when I finished something to behold.

There's a lot to be said for solitude, as I have said many times before. For me anyway.

We managed a Saturday, the Sunday and a few hours this morning.

Went swimming this morning, a good workout to get me over the unexplained pain from the weekend, particularly in the legs and hips. Came home, feeling tired but clean, chlorinated, and happy. They arrived home almost immediately behind me. Funny how quickly the day can lose it's gloss.

A week of the grandparents should be enough to make me run for the pool at any opportunity, the bike as well. Anything to keep the hell out of the way. You know your day / week is going downhill when you go from your preferred company of one to another five, instantly. The noise is already grating. It will get worse, but I will be busier - a whole lot busier. Places to go, things to see.

If the ex's new brothel is anything like the old ones I need to see it as well. I'm a very busy person when it suits me, and it feels like it's going to suit me a whole bunch more this week.

So, the week begins. Inlaws in residence, me with two sites to finish, some video to edit, and a body that needs plenty of exercise.

I live in hope that it gets better than this.

Meanwhile my much loved Averil is suffering from the onslaught of the effects of chemotherapy and I'm sitting here bitching about minor things as overdue sites, inlaws, and children.

It all adds enough to a requirement for more weekends alone.


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