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Monday, June 06, 2005

another week older

Winter here already. I'm not prepared. I'm never prepared.

I intend to ignore the entire season. I just never seem to manage it. It still manages to piss me off.

One good sign is the fact that I still, after all this time, manage to leave the house and make it down to the pool, there to commit hideous crimes upon my body, flapping my arms and legs about in water that is warmer than what's happening outside.

Several hours of that and after getting home, showering and getting back in to order and I am still warm. Then, after all that effort, anything other than cruising the net seems like too much drama.

I have been forcing myself to put all the web work in order, to try and get control of the 100's of files, folders, notes, all the stuff that I have to keep for a rainy day, secreted all over the place.

Some days I have spent half my time looking for some obscure bit of code that I have saved, usually named in a way that I will never be able to remember.

This weeks project. Clean the bloody stuff up. I have found some really interesting bits of code that I never knew I had. This time I save them all to the one area, complete with 'real' names and descriptions. All ready for the day that I need them.

Also found some wonderful menu scripts courtesy of ForgetFoo, a brilliant site, better known for it's fine collection of good looking women that changes regularly.

I tell everyone I go there for the scripts and tutorials. They are good as well, but the babes are better. He also has a Dilbert feed, and anyone who has that can't be too bad.

So old are some of the scripts I have downloaded I was unsure if he had offered them for public consumption or I had simply stolen them (not that I would do anything like that), so I was forced to contact Mr Foo and ask. It appears they are indeed for public consumption, thank you Mr Foo, so you should see some of his fine work adorning one of my sites some day soon.

So, we have a scripts section that makes sense, a 'current sites' folder that actually has current, working sites, a new place for our collection of other bits and pieces I have found while cruising around the place, all neat, logical (even for me), and, easy to find.

It seems that the winter may indeed manage to be a productive one after all.

If nothing else I should be somewhat fitter thanks to the swimming, and more organised. What else can you ask for?


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