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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

8 shots will slow you down

8's better than 5
I call that a good call. Someone runs away, you want them to stop. You're an armed policeman chasing someone who could turn into a fireball, with added nails and bolts, you stop him, you need him disabled, head shots are the way to go.

I've seen a bloke take a single shot to the head and still function. If it were my call I would have given him a few - just to make sure his brain 'aint going to do anything like allow a movement that could cause a mess on the train.

If it were my call I would have been using Hydra-Shok ™, making jelly in there as well.

They're under siege, they are reacting according to the threat. Keep doing it.

Mobile as well
Oh, so very major. Zoetrope ® is available on mobile devices via direct dial in, rather than the convoluted process we had before to aim phones at WAP content, Palm ® at Palm ® content, and all the other little dramas.

Using a technique proposed by A List Apart sometime last year I have managed to finally convince inbound browsers, albeit with some reservations on their part, to present the handheld content in the right device.

Spent about a month last year looking for a sniffing solution, and never did manage it.
Go there, preferably armed with a handheld, and see what I mean.

In case you wondered A List Apart is as close to god as you get when you want something sorted.

But what about the swimming?
I'm so glad you asked. 50 laps a day these last two days - 2.5Klm a day and feeling good.

I'm still getting off on the smell of Chlorine.

I'm still swimming to the exclusion of all else.

I'm still deeply obsessive.


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