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Thursday, July 28, 2005

mobile blues

and i-mode as well..
The brief was to build a mobile site micro site for mobiles / cells / PDA's. The intention was to revamp a bit of the Zoetrope WAP site at the same time.

Naturally things have got wildly out of shape.

Seems that the WAP2 specification, which was always a bitch to code, and always fell over just when you didn't want it to, has been almost completely replace by a mobile definition of XHTML. That was the good news, banging out a cross purpose site was looking to be a Dreamweaver powered piece of cake.

Until I discovered i-mode.

I-mode is making inroads into Australia - in a big way. I-mode does not always follow the XHTML rules as easily as the other mobile configs do, and does other things a whole lot better in a lot of other cases.

Large investigation - between swims - shows that it can all fit together well, and, as of today does - on the Zoetrope site at least, after forgetting the original brief altogether.

We now sport a MECARD:
This, we finally realized, is the key to communication, in i-mode at least.

What happens, is you scan the bar code into your phone, and, with any luck, it is carrying all the contact details any normal person would require, which should end up fitting into your phone.

Saves all the drama and finger cramp of entering the URL (especially in our case as I am too lazy to get a real domain name), and email address, and any other information into a phone.

Being a well known barcode addict it didn't take me too long to spread them all over the place, including into the new i-mode pages on Zoetrope, where (the theory is) the i-mode surfer can download, print, and scan them back into the phone. Twisted theory, but there 'ya go.

Next place they need to be is on everyone's business cards, stationary, anything that's floating about, all the better to spread the word.

Stand back, we're out of control, bar codes (QR's we are told) are going to be on everything. Including this poor old blog.


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