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Friday, July 29, 2005

That's the week

Get the Taser out
Nice to see the UK police giving some high voltage input to a deserving person. He deserved it for his name alone.

I'm not sure firing a Taser at someone who may be carrying a bomb is such a good idea, but it's the thought that counts, and I feel better just reading about it.

The swimming tally
Still right up there as an obsession, the daily swimming has reached new heights - 9.5 klms this week, a new record.

I'm going to be a happy man when I can move my sights on to something else, but it may take some time, I'm still discovering odd bits of technique that need looking at.

It's most definitely winter here, the nights are getting colder, the winds blowing more erratically, and, from a buggy point of view, from the wrong direction as well, all of which probably helps to send me dutifully down to the pool everyday. At least the place is warm and out of the wind.

There's always a chance of some talent from the gym next door turning up as well.

i-mode causes stutter
All the best intentions - not that I ever have many - went west when I discovered that any sort of mobile content these days is going to have to take into account the massive uptake of i-mode.

What started as a quick and dirty microsite for mobiles turned into a gargantuan revamp of the project and Zoetrope's own WAP site.

Whereas previously the .wml extension on WAP documents had kept all but cruising mobiles away, the recent XHTML adoption has made it almost as simple as standard web work, in fact the only real difference is the mobile XHTML lacks a few of the tags that are used.

Most of the world would have known that but I have been taking no notice of the mobile side of life.

Now we are fully equipped to deal with the new, cleaner, easier, mobile generation, including anything that DoCoMo may throw at us.

As you should be able to see in the sidebar - our very own “QR”, or MECARD, something we should have known about but didn't.

Yellow Arrows
After messing the entire week up we have had no time to get out there and stick on a few yellow arrows, grab a photo, and upload them. Unlike me to have too much to do.

Time to get off this lazy arse and get some put up.

Looks like the Australian end has been a bit slow on the uptake, but at least now the project is sporting an Australian based site - things are looking up.


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