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Monday, September 12, 2005

survived again..

one day of hell..
.. and it's all over. Managed to survive the prep, managed to survive no food, managed to get there, managed to get a good anesthetist who clearly understood the dangers of having me get anywhere near awake during the seriously uncomfortable process of getting a video camera jammed up my bum.

Lovely stuff, just what any homophobic man needs at least once every five years or so, just to appreciate the years when you don't get it done.

now try and survive Microsoft
The old machine has been running a bit rough. Seems to forget most of it's settings, most of the time. Explorer had developed all manner of strangeness - after about an hour of running it would suddenly push CPU usage up to 50% and stay there - causing the other two fans to boot in and make it sound like a 747-400 trying out for NASCAR.

Got used to Task Manager, kill Explorer, restart Explorer, and away we go for another hour.

Things started getting a bit more rattley during the week, to the point where I was spending more time backing up in case she blew, than doing actual work.

Fresh from Colonoscopy/Endoscopy, figured nothing as bad could happen for the rest of the year, I hooked up the auto update on XP and let it rip.

Must have missed a few patches - I am the man who maintains you should never fall for the idea of adding patch after patch, blah, blah....

Several nervous hours later, several hundred restore points later, we now have an SP2 version of XP Pro. I swore I would never get SP2 - believed all I read about what it would do, what I would lose, and then changed my mind and let this poor old thing have it.

Was it a good idea? I think it was, we seem to be booting up a bit quicker, seems a bit cleaner around the edges - remembers things like folder setting, sometimes even shows me thumbnails of images which is something it had forgotten how to do.

The bad? It gives you some seriously twisted rules in Internet Explorer. All day I've had to over ride a popup that is jamming local pages because they have javascript in them, and yet out in the wild, the real internet, it doesn't bother to do the same. Maybe it suspects me of being up to something at home?

The sheer amount of patches that it downloaded makes me wonder if they ever did any real testing of XP, or did they just let it loose on an unsuspecting public and hope for the best?

A colonoscopy and an XP update from Microsoft, all in one week - I'm brave, or foolish.

It's not every week you get to survive a colonoscopy and patches from Microsoft.

Hell, after that I reinstalled Norton the space eater, just to see if it would give me back a scan option on the right click menu, and it did.

My stars are in the right place or someone is watching over me because you just don't get that lucky all in one week.


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