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Monday, October 10, 2005

Holidays end..

So, the holidays ended
Reality hits - hard
Two weeks holiday - over. Gone. Been there done that.

Two weeks without any kids. Not even Yvonne's. Hers went to stay with their Dad, the others got tossed to various carers.

Sleeping in. Days don't start until about 11.00am. Finish whenever.

the Kite Buggy
Checking out a few new locations, finding one particularly appealing down on the bayside. Managed a few visits there “just to make sure”. Small problem with pedestrian path winding through it, but evasive action is always good. Expect to get thrown off there by the local council within an hour of declaring it the new spot. It happens.

coffee, shoes, phones
Scouting locations for Sperry TopSiders, for a camera, for a webcam, for a new printer, even managed a new Motorola - RAZR V3 - fancied the thing since it came out, now I have it. Managed to take a few photos of my nostrils while getting the hang of the thing.

Checked out all the new stores, plazas, boutiques, all the same, all desperate for business even if they give attitude.

The coffee supplies needed replenishing. Required a trip to the best place in town - Merlo, there to take up the offer of free coffee while they do your grind, and a quick tour of their humidor, the home of the mighty . Naturally left with one, now looking for to help me out with it. Phone me Monica.

First day back
The boring part. Spent installing software to drive the various goodies we accumulated. Nothing goes easily, no one really expects it to do they? The camera, the webcam, the phone, the mouse, and anything else that appeared. Place looks like a electronics store. Wires everywhere. Most things work, the ones that don't will respond to manual force I'm sure. We are truly a product of the 21st century now. Sad really considering I prefer a life outdoors.

So, the holidays ended.


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