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Friday, December 02, 2005

Database blues

nightmares at the keyboard
I am, sadly, not a great fan of any dynamic programming language, including the ubiquitous PHP. However, there comes a time, more often than I care to remember, when the only way around something is to adopt, bitching and scowling, an obvious solution because there is simply no alternative.

And so, the descent into the PHP/SQL blues began afresh this week. I had promised myself, the last time I was forced to adopt a dynamic code, that I would learn ASP, maybe even Cold Fusion. Learn enough to get me through the database query stage and leave it at that. Problem is, whenever a troublesome project is finished, I am so relieved I immediately forget whatever promises I made to myself during the course of the thing.

As you do.

AJAX sparked an interest for a week or two, but I had forgotten that as a solution when forced to sit down and nut this particular job out.

These last few weeks have been a trial of patience (mine) and my inability to get anything right, when it comes to databases anyway, the first time. Older and smarter I sat down and meticulously set out the table structure, built it, populated it, only to find I had fields I didn't want, didn't need, others in the wrong places, some I swear I have never seen before.

Seems between the drawing board and SQLyog I do a fair bit of revision. Rather too much.

We're up and running now - a triumph of man over machine. Everything in the right place, dummy data flushed, new population growing. Now all I need is for the thing to hang together.

This time I am getting a book on CF - I might as well bugger up two languages.

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