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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Monday does good..

camera arrives
How cool is that then? We won a camera in the first yellowarrow competition. An Olympus FE-110. Smart looking little thing it is too. Stunning. How lucky was that? Thank you everyone at yellowarrow.

Made it a rather special Monday. The day had been shaping up to be one of those ones that you really feel uninclined to have. Overcast. Threatening rain - unpredictable wind, all conspire to veto any buggying. Unable to anyway - waiting for stitches to come out. Not a good time to add a harness across the stomach. Did it once before. Once.

Cameras lead to movies (yes, it does take little movies), movies to Premiere, looking at a repeat of Friday. Mini movies all over the place.

But, no, we manage to skip past web movies, accidentally burning a CD to some obscure format that I've never had anything to do with before.

Two actually. One - VCD, apparently unpopular. And, miniDVD, unpopular as well. Not with me they're not. I had been looking at a way to run a bit of .vob content on a CD, a conversion utility of some sort, but was loath to add yet more software to this thing, especially as most of these things are one off projects, which I move on from anyway.

Naturally the entire thing got out of control when I found I could output to home DVD players and have people view them on their television. Why did I not have any interest in this before? Who knows. It obviously didn't do too much for me the first time around.

Now we have plans for an arrow project involving Google Maps, CD's, DVD's, with the inclusion, obviously, of video shots of the areas involved..

And so it goes on, as it always does. My head gets full again. Copious notes. How to involve all of these wonderful toys all at once. There should be upper limits on the amount of things I will try and combine..

So, essentially the upshot of getting a new camera in the post is that I can produce moving images for any device whatsoever, including, I am told, the Playstation, although we are unable to confirm that due to the Playstation being fried.

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