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Thursday, March 09, 2006

the great Google fascination

The sad thing about being obsessive-compulsive..
Is that you never really have time to give your brain a rest. I keep notebooks all over the place, especially in the bathroom where some of my more ambitious schemes seem to sprout. The idea is if you write it down you don't get a full brain and can function for a while longer.

The sad thing about it is you just have to KNOW everything about whatever subject has got your attention. EVERYTHING. And, in the case of web oriented stuff there is the need to at least produce proof of concept. Just once. Maybe ten times. Variations on a theme.

The sad thing about it is that, having done that, having lived believing that whatever you were doing was the best thing ever, you find something else and the cycle starts all over again.

Google Maps. It started as an idea to combine obsessions; stickers, photography, and treasure hunts, geo caches if you will. The yellowarrow thing was predictable and timely - I had been studying stickers, mainly because I have not the talent of the likes of the great Banksy, and even if I did I am too old to be outrunning people all the time (although..)

Naturally, boringly, predictably, the entire collection of current obsessions all came together at such great speed it was like watching the universe go down a black hole.

The arrows - I've got shit loads of them. I even use the anti-arrow, the bit left behind when you pull the arrow off it's backing, to point out the real arrow. More bang for your buck. More arrow for your arrow.

The maps came slowly enough - bit of a pisser that the URL's were so long, and plenty of sulking because I wanted to add more information to them. Package the things.

Behold, the arrow location, in real time, on a building near you, indicated by the anti arrow, made accessible by the yellowarrow website, it's place in the World indicated by a satellite overhead, exact co ordinates, anyone can zoom in to it, find it, find out about it.. amazing.

Now we step on the gas - the arrow is up, the story told. Now, we need to do something like Boston - a compilation, a database of arrows.

I want to add every arrow location to a Gmap, is what we started with. Several days on the web, hours testing code and we have a system that can not only point out the arrow, it can be an all singing all dancing application. Click on the arrow and get a image, a video, an audio reading. Secret New York, eat your heart out.

So many hours of messing, checking, breaking, achieving, all because I got suckered in to the idea. Seduced by an idea. Now, with any luck, having proved that just about anything can be done with the maps, and the arrows, maybe I can have a rest, maybe my brain can have a rest before 'the next big thing' hits.

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