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Thursday, March 23, 2006

idle hands..

cyclones, bikes, laminate
The weather has not been helpful. We are just getting the edge of the whooper cyclone that tore through North Queensland earlier in the week. We only get the rain and the wind, no houses falling down, no people being blown away, just enough to keep me inside. We still have another one coming down the coast but I expect to survive that too - probably more indoor stuff.

Indoors is a dangerous place for me. Indoors and too much time on my hands is a danger to everyone.

behold the laminate
The new plan 'a'. Bold, daring, stupid. In any particular order. Yesterday it was all about laminated business cards bearing simply an email address - pointing back to a pile of grafedia images. ie: find_us@grafedia.net, riskaddict@grafedia.net, and on they go - all nicely enclosed in laminate, a thought to get me around the rain.

Last night; everywhere, sticking empty arrows pointing to the strategically placed cards. Bus stops, shelters, phone booths, pay and display robots, you name it they all got the treatment - plain stickers as well. All with a single, but varying, grafedia address on them.

Today; plan 'b' - still nothing better to do - weather still hassling, still waiting for me to leave the house so that it can rain. An extension of the business card thing - veering off badly - hung up on barcodes, as I am, decide to incorporate them as well.

The final solution:

A triumph of barcode madness. The big thing is they actually do say something. The 'instructions' one contains the Google coordinates to another, older asylum that we have been looking at. They manage to get the barcodes read, get to the coordinates, they will be faced with a yellowarrow that will move them through the building, eventually ending up at a 'seclusion' cell that truly does reek of another time. If they get it right they actually get a yellowarrow DVD all of their own. Yummy.

These cards are going to be deployed over the weekend and next week, accompanied by the yellowarrows necessary to 'drag 'em in'. Should be interesting to see if anyone actually 'gets it' because they haven't got anything else yet.

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