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Friday, March 31, 2006

the perils of editing

one hour - maybe the day
All day editing. Having discovered that iPods handle video - well, some must do anyway, and enamored with the idea of appearing on an iPod screen, the morning was devoted to producing such a thing in the .m4v format - a slightly different format than .mp4, which, I am now informed, will play on an iPod anyway.

The output is no problem - Quicktime Pro simply converts to it. The problem, as always is me, and my unfailing ability to make epics.

Proud father that I am, the completed, non epic is available for download from our good friends here http://xthost.info/zoetrope/yellowarrow.m4v. You might try a right click on the address, or whatever method you use.

I think you are then supposed to put it in your iTunes video folder. I actually have no idea because I don't have an iPod, or iTunes. All I know is it seemed like a good idea at the time, but after making a few 100Mb epics, and a causing a crash on Premiere I was pleased to get it done.

Consider iPod video a new toy. I'm thinking it might be a helpful thing with some of our upcoming esoteric arrows.

And - as you do - barcodes for all
The day before spent putting together a mobile mini site to cater to anyone scanning in this:

scan this fucker into your imode phone and see how you go

An iMode phone bookmark which happens to make an appearance on a few of the cards we have been leaving about the place.

As does this:

Yes Mildred, another barcode format that requires more software for your nice new phone.
The newly found 'Shotcode' format.

We now sport some very barebones mobile content accessible via the main site - assuming you are dialing in, on the new Google Pages, and, a minor trial here, where the iPod stuff lives.

I would venture that I am entirely out of control.

We have barcodes, MMS video, interactive maps, CD's, DVD's, call back email addresses. We have DataGlyphs, MECARDS, iPod video, Quicktime image sequences, Flash videos, and probably the kitchen sink tied in together, all because of a bloody thing called YellowArrow.

Still, I suppose it beats being bored.

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