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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Post Easter... blues perhaps?

And, back to reality
So, that was, or should I say, this still is, Easter. I looked it up - it seems to go on for quite a long time. We only know it for it's holiday value. Religiously speaking it seems to have a life of about 20 days or something. Don't take my word for it - look it up.

Naturally - for after all we are in the land of under education, Queensland - the first day back at school was in fact Wednesday, not Tuesday, because our long suffering teachers felt the need for a 'pupil free day'. Sort of like going to school and teaching, except you don't. We have a lot of those days here. We also have very bad education standards. Let me see.. does this mean anything?

So, the honor of being allowed back to school, and having a teacher there at the same time, dawned on Wednesday, not Tuesday. Remember we all had to have a public holiday on Monday to sort ourselves out for the week ahead. Unless we claimed to be a teacher in which case we had Monday and Tuesday off.

The 'pupil free day' saw Yvonne and the kids down at the lake - the 'drowning lake' henceforth. Not a good thing for my obsessional biking, which requires that I not hear or see anything, or anyone I know least I get confused and fall off, or, more importantly, have my train of thought interrupted.

Intrepid as I am, as you know, I nonetheless wheeled out the device and proceeded to rack up another 50 klm in the fight for truth, justice, and pupil free days for all.

No one drowned.

Wednesday saw another foray - this time to claim back 'my' cycle track, sullied as it has been by drownings and school holidays. Another 40 klm added to the total.

Some semblance of normality returns.

RFID looms large
I want to use Radio Frequency Identification tags for something. Something to do with proximity stuff. I have no idea what I want to do with it yet, the idea stalled somewhere, but I'm keeping it fresh by reading everything to do with it.

"Big Brother in small packages', screams one headline. 'Protecting your digital rights', screams another.

Seems to me we lost any rights we may have had quite some time ago. Big Brother has been well and truly here for yonks.

I've found that there are people out there who have had RFID chip implanted under their skin to automate things as logging on to computers, unlocking doors, and, in at least one case, to cause a car to unlock and start by placing a palm on a designated spot. I probably don't have that much passion that I need one under my skin, but I appreciate that people might want to.

I just want to find an application for them. Sort of a radio frequency graffiti thing. Yellow Arrows with radio waves.

You are allowed to make suggestions which I will either ignore or, claim as my own idea.

It only has to make sense to me.

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