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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Autumn - blah!

How does this happen so often?
What is it with Autumn - do we get two of them a year or something? It seems like I was putting up with this joint pain, this cold, this discomfort, just the other day.

Has someone been messing with the calendar again?

I never know what to do with myself over the Autumn / Winter period - it actually gets very warm during the day but it dies off quickly in the afternoon.

A bloke never knows what to wear, and as a result the entire back seat of the car is covered in items of clothing (as much as an obsessive will allow to be covered I should say) that I 'might' need. Hell, there's even a pair of wetsuit pants - harking back, I think, to when I used to slide along the Sandgate beach at insane speed hanging on to the kite. That was until I knocked myself out and destroyed my knee by going up, not along.

could be a way through winter
The sudden cessation of buggying was only to break me in to the idea of biking regularly. The weight thing. It extended far too long. That's another disadvantage of obsession - locking on to one thing. Until it's dead. Buried. Buried deep. Concreted.

I was also going to use the time to redesign our real site. Didn't happen. Had so many designs, waiting for one to shine through like it always does, and it didn't.
The favorite seems to be some ultra complicated video compilation. Video menus, done badly, grunge. Easy to get of the little Canon.

Seemed like it might take a long time. Didn't want to deal with it until it was clear in the mind. I'll get there.

Time to get the buggy out again. Even Lady Doctor mentioned I was getting particularly weird and perhaps I should go play with my kites.

A quick check of the weather indicates that the prevailing wind will be from the South West, naturally. We know we like North East. Only 180 degrees the wrong way. We do however have a new location that should be immune to prevailing winds. Time to go check it out?

What is this thing that makes me feel odd when I am inside - do I really need that much vitamin D? Wouldn't it be OK to keep some skin on my ears and nose?

Apparently not. The biking makes for a (sore arse for one thing) good day.

Buggying as frequently as I was caused me to feel quite sublime. I thought it was the fumes of the sunscreen. The sea breeze perhaps? Pheromones drifing across the canal from the houses of rich people?

Seems it might have been simply the outdoors.

So, the winter then; turn it into an outdoor sport. Bike, buggy, swim when it really gets cold, but stay active. Least my blood thicken up and quit flowing.

Look for a power kite near you. Underneath it should be me.

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