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Monday, May 22, 2006

the old man and the sea

the Hartley trailer sailer makes an appearance
Sunday, Mullumbimby, did all the cleaning jobs on Saturday together so we had the Sunday clear to get down there, catch up on what was happening, get home.
Historical note:
First Flagr sticker for Australia makes it's debut at the Mullumbimby turnoff sign, an occasion of gravity. Photographed the event to report to uncle Dave, Dr Flagr.
Arrived, new address, no need to check the street number, it has to be the place with the little 18' on a trailer outside, with Fanning standing in it.

He had mentioned he had got himself a boat now, what with being a capitalist and all now. The full kit - credit card, personal loan, you know the stuff.

A Hartley TS18 - probably the most popular budget boat around. Even I knew them - having researched vessels when I was trying to get myself schooled in the art of sailing.

He's done well. Needs some work here and there (him and the boat), but for all intents and purposes the thing is a runner. More so the boat than him.

(Assuming the drop down keel was working - arriving just in time to experience the joy of wrestling a huge hunk of plate steel into the vessel, down a slit, all without losing any part of my body. Apparently the keel had decided it didn't want to deploy on his last trip and he had done some savage alterations to it.)

an old salt, as I am
Fanning has considerable experience with things that travel the oceans. He used to crew fishing boats, prawn trawlers, all sorts of things, as a chef. He also managed at one time to own a 40' yacht, out of Dunedin, in lives gone by.

All I can claim is an afternoon of madness on a maxi that was competing in the weekly club race out of Mooloolabah, an afternoon that saw three other entries dismasted, and me with a new respect for yachts. And sea sick.

The Hartley is going to be the boat that I learn to sail on. That thing is something I could drag down to the bay and sail quite safely between here and the Gold Coast with that string of islands protecting me from the real sea. Perfect.

Being someone that doesn't do excitement - I am 'mono-emotive' - I still feel a rather warm glow at the thought that he is going to drive the thing up nearer Brisbane and put it in the water so that we can groove about on it.

So, the moral of the story is; I will now require people to prefix my name with 'captain', I may have to grow a beard to look more the part, and, the only things you are likely to hear about for some time will be my pontifications on the art (yet to be learnt) of sailing.

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