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Friday, June 23, 2006

Duplicitous machinery

I love the smell of duplicating fluid
You're probably all too young to remember the humble spirit duplicating machines that were in most schools around the time I was actually attending them.

Duplicating machines were a rather serious invention that managed, usually, to reproduce a document made prior to the event by typewriter, in a rather unusual shade of purple, and with a smell similar to methylated spirits. The exact sequence was to type the information onto a 'master' which was then attached to the printing drum. If there was any justice at all the master would lay some of itself onto a sheet of paper wound past the drum.

Most people remember the smell more than anything else - the logic being that sniffing deeply would stone you for the rest of the day. Unfortunately this was not true.

Why does this assume such importance as to be the subject of this very blog? Because I ran across a site, The Dead Media Project, which is devoted to such things.

The Dead Media Project has gone to all the trouble to document these things, and I just happen to have a hankering to get one of these old buggers going.

Nostalgia and stained clothing - what more can you ask for?

If you have one lurking around somewhere give me a shout.

School holidays start next week. The solution would be to sniff Ditto fluid until I change shape, till my brain spills out my ears.

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