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Thursday, June 01, 2006

First day of winter.

so, that's why it's cold
Winter is here. It got here before today, but we call this the first day of winter anyway. Have to start somewhere I suppose.

I'm not into the cold we get here. It's not supposed to be cold here if you read all the brochures. But it is. Sometimes it's very cold. Other times it's reasonably cold.

I know I vow to take up skiing everytime I see snow on the news, vowing the cold in the snow will be different to the cold here, and I still maintain that. Just.

You know, if you go outside and stand in the sun it's actually quite warm.

Inside the house with it's concrete floors is a different matter, it's cold all the time. Concrete is not good for winters. The cat and I live in here, heater on, rugged up, bitching about it all.

We have here, for our extreme discomfort, a Westerly wind that turns up on a daily basis - sometimes it doesn't go away at night, just so it can get us in the morning.

I would rate it as the worst thing that Brisbane has to offer.

Not only does it make it bloody cold, it's blowing the wrong way for any serious buggying. We may have a cure this year however, with the yet to be tested by me, recreation ground at Murrarie, where the banished kite club holds it's get togethers.

Should that park be a success I imagine the perils of winter will seem far less. A 6m JoJo in a westerly gale will definitely take your mind off being cold.

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