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Monday, June 19, 2006

Rainy days

catch up time
The week has started with rain. We need rain more than anything right now - Brisbane has enacted some rather odd laws to save water, including only being able to water your garden by bucket, no hoses.

I am easily confused. A wet start to the week flies in the face of my avowed schedule: Biking Monday, Tuesday, and nearly always Wednesday for several hours, then home, shower, restart the day. Get the mail, find out what's blown up in the last 24 hours, get some project work done...

new club, new outlook
If it rains I am left without the plan. Doesn't matter, needed to go and check out an alternative pistol range with the collapse of the original outfit. Found what looks like a good one out this side of town, closer by far than the other one. No toll roads, no toll bridges.

The place looks ok, so I have a new membership. Pleased to see they stock a reasonable collection of rebuilt and second hand weapons including refurbished Beretta's from the Italian police. Looking at $450 for one of those - make a good IPSC starter, good heavy handful, unfortunately with a somewhat smaller magazine than the Glock, but that's a minor problem.

Membership arranged, Monday has then become a day which doesn't fit in the plan. Bugger, but at least I have cleaned up the thorny little problem of getting a new club which should keep the police off my back for this year at least.

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