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Friday, June 30, 2006

The week of my discontent.

School holidays
Upon us again. Seems rather too soon. Yvonne has children in care over the holidays - it's the same as having them before and after school, but they're here for the bit in between as well.

The noise levels are stunning. They get taken out every day - somewhere that they can run about - but they all tend to miss the Playstation.

It is a blessing when the day ends and they all go back to where they came from. Yvonne, sensing an opportunity to be care provider of the year, and mum of the month, has naturally managed to invite one to stay for a few days as well. So much for the silence when they all go. They don't. I remain sure there are other ways to beatification. It's not hard to get the impression she cannot be without children.

the fitness thing
Grinds to a halt during the holidays. The bike is still ok - not many school children do anything as arduous as ride a bike. The weather, however, has managed to conspire against me - we have had a few damp days. Not rain as such, just damp. Damp enough to give me grief with traction.

Swimming was looking good for the wet days, but it appears the fitter of the species use this time in squad training. There is naturally a lack of lanes when that is happening.

what you do inside
Damp weather - no swimming. Back to the web. Back to the wholesomeness of software. I feel better already.

Nothing like an hour or two of crawling the web to get your juices going.

Investigations into Jabber continue, woven in with long bouts of video hook up with the mariner himself, Fanning.

The Jabber clients nearly always support 'transports', a method of cross connecting with the likes of MSN, IRC, and others. Spent a few days figuring the methodology of setting up 'rooms' and things. Seems I may need more tutoring on some of the protocols.

Veered off, as you do, into webcams again. Obviously. Not content with having direct contact I had been looking at putting a web cam on the site - all the better to bore people with, but investigations into the 'scene' show an amazing degree of sleeze, enough, in fact, to make me think there is little alternative purpose.

Once past the sleeze, it's apparently all about the software for the capture and upload of the images; and there exists an incredible collection, all promising, as all software does, to do everything for you.

Today we have been running several programs on the spare '98 beside me, the theory being, if it will run all day on a win98 system it must be able to handle an XP.

The pick of them, so far, is 'webcamXP' by an outfit called 'darkwet.net', which is enough to make a bloke want to try it.

It's hard not to notice that I am not a very good look on camera.

and more indoor fun
Torrents. Talked about before. Torrents are good fun. The rest is up to you. Use uTorrent, even I can use it.

Portable apps. The list grows. Now we have added a portable version of Nero. Handy for the times when you just can't live without a CD burner. Soon I will have an entire suite I can carry about with me.

That's the perils of school holidays and wet days.

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