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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Winter software

things to do inside
It seems like a lot of posts on one day, but I have to confess I had them sitting as drafts and forgot about 'em. Bugger.

On matters of blog; comments, you may have noticed, have taken a major dive, all the way to zero usually. Too much spam, and too many fools caused me to moderate them. The trouble with that is that as moderator I don't see a lot of merit in any of them, so out they go. (Just in case you wondered what happened to your last comment.)

We road tested a couple of applications these last few days;

Luxology Modo
If you're into 3d programs you will know that the blokes who made LightWave, a wonderful piece of software, sold out and became Luxology. Luxology became the vehicle for their new project - Modo. Modo had good write ups and I have been rather keen to try it.

For the first day of winter we actually got to try Modo out. It drives as smooth as a babies arse - beautiful rendering, beautiful modeling. First thing I found is it doesn't have a text tool. Major bad. And, because I am stupid, I didn't notice for several hours that it lacks animation ability. Well, any that I could find.

Running out of time, with the license owner hovering, I must admit I didn't give it a decent workout, but found that it is a hell of a good renderer, same as LightWave.

It's off and gone now, but I can always console myself by cranking up the beautiful, the one and only Maya. What was I thinking? Why would anyone need anything else?

the absolutely necessary feed demon
Feed Demon, now owned by NewsGator, but designed and developed by the author of Top Style Pro, our main CSS application, Mr Nick Bradbury.

Feed Demon was listed in PC World's best 100 products of the year, describing it thus: "With FeedDemon's options, you're just a step shy of having news injected intravenously."

It's true. For a newsaholic such as I am Feed Demon brings everything I need (and everything I read) into one package. I crank up in the morning with news feeds from all over the world, just to make sure there is still a world.

No sense in getting going if we're the only people still alive on the planet...

on communication
It's been decided.


Jabber gives us Google Talk, Gmail chat, and plays nicely with most other things including ICQ and, naturally, IRC.

The jabber client of choice: Psi, the address: zoetrope@jabber.org, or zoetrope@jabber.org.au. Simple.

An alternative, on IRC, sometimes, we can be found at chat.plastic.com or #zoetrope on Austnet but don't expect too much.

Jabber - like I told you.

You feel the need to speak, grab your microphone and leave me a message at Odeo.

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