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Monday, August 21, 2006

Berlin the order of the day

indecent obsession
I have always had an obsession with Berlin. The last, therefore the only time I was in Germany I skipped Berlin because I wanted to make it the subject of a special trip. Just Berlin, the wall, the music, the night life, the drugs. One special trip from London where I had decided to live; twenty years later I am still hanging out for Berlin, the life in London long gone, the Berlin wall long gone.

Time passes, things get silly; you stay too long in places you know you shouldn't be (here, in Brisbane for one), you get another day older and deeper in debt (hmmmm), and worst of all they knock down the wall.

I love Le Carre novels. I have them all. I re read them all the time. His writing is brilliant. His description of Berlin during the cold war is brilliant - just the way I want it to be now.

so, off to berlin we go
Today, the penultimate day to seeing the specialist. Almost a certainty that the sling will be retired. An important day. Today I'm just waiting. For tomorrow. There seems to be an extraordinary emphasis on the visit. I have built it up in my brain for reasons I do not comprehend. I wish I hadn't.

Today - distracted, making sure everythings ready for an early start. (I don't do early starts as everyone knows, but when this guy says early, I'm there early.) Amused myself with the new Writely - mentioned below. Google snapped it up awhile ago. I already have an online doc editor but I particularly wanted Writely because I couldn't have it. Naturally. Think Free does all anyone could want and more. So does Writely. There's a case for saving docs online - collaboration is one thing.

Anyway, today, distracted, jumpy, looking for something... maybe a few Flagr flags. Crank up Google Maps, and decide to check out Berlin.

I am now current on Berlin. I've Googled all over it, looked at the layout of the wall, even found some still existing. Looked at every building mentioned in any book I have read. Looked at every address I had remembered. The absolute tourist, from satellite. Brilliant using 'Maps' because you can actually put the address in and zoom on to it.

I spent the afternoon cruisin' Berlin. I know the layout in my head now. I am ready for the time you take me to Berlin. Take me and I will show you the place I have learned by satellite. I will take you to places you have never seen. I will take you to places I have never seen.

So, in the manner of a London cabbie riding around for a year or two, getting 'the knowledge', I am on topic when it comes to Berlin.

It comes down to tomorrow - what will happen tomorrow. Let's get rid of this bloody sling.

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