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Thursday, September 07, 2006

500 grams

no pain, no gain
Physio getting right along now. This week I get to not only battle to lift my arm up level with my face, but I get to add some weight. Ever ready I had amassed a considerable collection of weights; all the better to fling about with wild abandon the minute I got the go ahead from the 'physio who must be obeyed'.

Got to the weight adding point today. 500 grams is the total amount. The little barbells that I keep stubbing my toes on are 2.5 kg. I didn't think to go that low; I don't think you can. I sneeze about 500 grams worth. The collars on the hand weights total more than that.

Using the kitchen scales we managed to find something metal, and almost 500 grams, just a bit over. Stand back, I'm getting ready to lift. Spotter ready? This is going to be an arm bending, arse tearing, eyeball bulging number, to be done lying on my side, that will be horizontal.

But, good news does come of it. The subject of working out in a swimming pool, the preferred option, came up. Seems there may yet be a case for that. That's something I have been hanging out for.

Is this 'incident' taking as long as I think it is, or do the days go quicker now?

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