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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And so..

still inside
Eight or nine weeks I have been sitting here. A self imposed incarceration. Some weird shit in my head makes me stay inside when I am damaged. I could go outside. I could go out of the suburb, hell I could drive to Sydney and back if I felt the need.

Just the head thing working in the background means I'll stay here. Predictable at least.

meanwhile the world goes mad
Not just Iraq. There's drama everywhere. No one gives a shit about Iraq anymore. Too many people, on both sides, getting killed.

People trying to win territory, hearts and minds are getting shot to shit - that being the 'liberating' forces. They're dealing with an enemy that not only hates them, it hates everyone else as well. Why bother. Leave them to it.

steve irwin gets it
Yesterday Steve Irwin  (Crocodile Hunter)  was killed in a freak accident - done in by a one in a million shot from a stingray. At least in Iraq you know you may get blown away, this guy didn't even see it coming. Nice guy, just a tad hyperactive.

ragheads get loose in jordan
Today some rag head in Jordan has a meltdown and shoots six people while shouting 'god is great'.

Oh, excellent - there's mitigating circumstances they tell us in late news; he's from the same area as Abu Abi Hummbum Ahmedgrabmydick or whatever they call the supposedly second in command for Al Quacker in Iraq.

Truly - this sand bunny decides to attack a group of tourists in Jordan in retaliation for something that happened somewhere else. Now, that makes sense. Tourist are so obviously to blame for that - I can see it a mile away. Good to see the 'increased security' is working a treat in Shitcity Jordan. No wonder the national dress for blokes is a dress.

iran tosses the darky out
The boss of the worlds second biggest toothless tiger, the UN,  (the biggest being - you guessed it, the good old USA)  managed to get his face in the news and bugger all else when he visited Iran.

What did he expect; he isn't starting to think that he's an important dude is he? Shit, the UN have run away from any confrontation that's happened since the 90's. Spent force. Irrelevant, some would say.

I like to think of the UN as a limp dick. A very limp dick.
What in hell was Amtrak Amin Annan think he's doing? That is a hell of a trip just for a photo op. Sure as hell wasn't going to get any concessions out of Iran. The thing to get concessions out of people is called - 'nuke 'em' folks; they look at you the wrong way, you nuke 'em, get some respect happening here, get the US to win something. They've been losing since 1950 after all. For gods sake, please win something.

more importantly - mission critical
Twitter, my favourite toy, broke down for a minute or two today; now that's news, that's the stuff that gets people going. You take their Twitter off them, they soon sit up and take notice, let me tell you.

Even the woman writing a 'private' novel in Norwegian (so that's why she can't show it to anyone - true story) would be put out about that.

more mission critical
While the entire world spun out of control I was required to spend the whole day looking for inspiration for the site reboot - the two years late reboot. I've had to surf almost every good Flash site on the web checking how they have been doing things, looking, looking.

The real problem is that there is just nothing that can't be done. These days if you can think it you can do it, and I think too much.

All in all far more important than constant, never ending death on the television. I said so, therefore it is.

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