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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bikes, perils, cars, pain

Flagr saves the day
Luck has us still with projects that manage to work. Flagr, much mentioned here abouts, maintains it's ability to function and even with a fear of boring people we still manage to find zillions of places that need the Flagr touch.

Click the link, check it out, we have Australia and New Zealand covered. There is so much more to do on the New Zealand one; the place is too good not to have it's best bits pointed out.

So far we have managed to include such esoteric sites as the road that the rider of The Worlds Fastest Indian used to break an early record, the location of a man who still cuts vinyl records from any source by lathe, and so many other things.

In honor of the 'bike incident' I have been forced to make a dedicated map, 'places to fall off bikes', which I suggest, demand even, you go and check out.

Strange thing; Of late, the good old home country, New Zealand, has been on my mind a bit more. 30 years in Australia have done nothing to diminish my Kiwi'ness, and there is sometime the thought that it would be a good place to be again. Kite buggying would be a breeze, hell it was after all invented there, I could finally learn, before I die, how to ski, and too many other advantages to mention. Homesick? After this long?

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