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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Got over the weekend..

you, me and dupree
Appeared, to the chief censor of the household, to be the only safe movie that her young son (10 - therefore not young)  should see on Saturday. With me. I am deemed not suitable to pick a movie for the poor bugger to see because I figure what they see at the movies is nowhere near as bad as what they are going to see in real life.
Yvonne had to do the weekend jobs - a continuation of the shoulder drama that has been happening now for over eight weeks, and this time there was no other way to handle it with eldest child going in to the city to see the annual fireworks event complete with two F1-11's performing a 'dump and burn'. Can't really take that experience off the fella.

As soon as Yvonne had left the building I gave 'the kid' a choice; any movie he felt the need to see I would take him to. He stuck with the Dupree thing, whether in fear of getting caught or actually wanting to see it.

An odd movie; notable for a decent view of Katie Holmes and very little else. The kid seemed to be happy enough with it even if he didn't manage to get a belly laugh out of a masturbation scene.

If not for Katie I would have preferred the Jet Li one that was on at the same time. I had offered him that. Maybe he was hanging out for Katie too.

Job done, kid 'movied', amused for the day. Saturday gone. Movie seats are uncomfortable for people with buggered shoulders. In case you wanted to know.

Sunday was better; children out for a brunch with their father, me back horizontal after a bit too much in the self physio stakes caused rather more pain than I had figured on. Sunday is a day you can afford a bit of day bed time anyway.

Another sleep and it's a new week. I don't think the weekends are long enough.

The point of the post was to show just how good I am with children. As anyone that knows me will testify.

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