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Friday, September 01, 2006

Physio begins

Physio for beginners
So, that's what they do. I'm really rather impressed. First post op appointment; expecting to be sat down and told what I was doing right / wrong / more / less, and then kicked out. Wrong. This lady actually made a big difference.

The problem has been, amongst other things (frustration, housebound, pain), that my arm has not been able to move out to the side; this will take too long to explain so let's just condense it; the arm is supposed to be able to do this outward turn that it doesn't want to do anymore. I figure at my age I'm bloody lucky to have any movement at all so ignore it. Not so the physio lady; she rolls me over, nearly tears my arm off, causes serious pain while doing it, but arrives at a solution that I don't notice until I get home. It now rotates outward.

We are talking a big change here - not just the addition of a bit of movement, but an increase of about six inches in travel. I noticed it sitting here, chewing pain killers, hours after seeing her.

I'm sold. Physio is good. Rephrase: My physio lady is good. Anyone that can create that much difference is right up there in my book.

I have to go back. I seem to have a few appointments. I figure I'm going to get some pain, but with improvement like that I'm going to put up with it.

I've never had anything to do with a physiotherapist before (other than one carnal episode years ago), figuring it was all smoke and mirrors. When I broke both my arms and a few nerves quit, leaving me without a bicep for a year or two, I went to one who seemed to think that I should be in the too hard bin as he had never seen that type of damage before, so impressions must last.

So, the improvement has begun. A long time coming, but now with this lady helping me it should speed up a bit.

Couldn't come soon enough; Yvonne is stressing, having to work on the weekends means she doesn't get to be the all obliging mother of the century to the boys, in fact at one point it looked like she might have to ask eldest son to stay home and look after the younger one, but I am doing the deed as I need punishing for even thinking about biking anywhere, anytime, and eldest son, if put out, will sulk hugely, causing her to lose her status. Fucked if I know how all that works. I cringe watching the interaction.

Enough; I have to go and ingraciate myself to someone.
Go to this http://brisbane.craigslist.org/eve/201576445.html craigslist entry. A semacode for the masses to mess with. Will they get it? I don't really expect so. Will you?

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