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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Its a beginning
Made history.

First time in more than 3 months that I have been in the pool.

10 laps. 500 mtrs. No freestyle allowed. The rules.

One half kickboard. Seemed to fix that small problem where my arm wouldn't extend fully. It's extending now. Other half on the back. Not backstroke, just on the back - strictly according to the rules.

Good to be back there; pity that they are closing next week for a refurbish and a changeover to chlorine only rather than the previous system. I do love the smell of chlorine. The smell of clean.

Just to compound the situation their reopening coincides with the urge by every school in the area to send students in, wave after wave, for swimming lessons. Now that's going to complicate things, me being a fan of children and all that.

There are other pools around so I do have a choice. I'm just not good at 'cold calling'; walking in to unfamiliar public places is not up there with things I really like to do.

Let's see how it goes this week.

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