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Monday, September 18, 2006

Was that it?

High speed weekends
I say it all the time, but even by my standards that was a quick weekend. Worked part of Saturday. Gradually getting up to speed, training the arm/shoulder, more movement in it now everyday. Pain is a companion of note however.

Sunday did the one cleaning contract together; it's a serious size that one, commendable for it's collection of heavy duty steel fabrication equipment. Stuff to play on. It rained on the tin roof for us; almost impossible to talk over it; grand stuff. I do love the sound of rain on a roof.

next stop - a pool
This morning we have been hunting down a pool. A public pool. Preferably a heated public pool. We have one locally but, as suspected, the local schools will be in full swimming mode after the school holidays. Alternatives will save disappointment on the day.

I love the pool. I need the pool having finally convinced physio ladies I can be trusted to get in one and just use a kickboard. I lied. Only an actual attempt will prove the point. No matter - 'kickboard only' will still help get my underused legs back into shape, if nothing else.

the absence of sleep
Staggering about. Mind jammed. These last two nights have been notable for their lack of meaningful sleep. Don't know what causes it, but 2.00am comes and I am wide awake, serious stomach pain and very little else. Two nights in a row - 2.00 - 4.30, not the most endearing time to be awake.

Think I might try a small afternoon snooze to catch up.

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