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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yellow Arrow, gasping, fighting on.

yellow arrow still dead
In totally non breaking news, Yellow Arrow, the sweetheart of the physical bookmarking set, purveyor of all things good, battles on with arrow functionality but no journal ability anymore.

The bastard of it is that I should have added a redirect post before it blew up, but then, with it working you don't think of anything happening. Won't be fooled again.

I think as sites get a bit of age on them that bugs get rarer and maintenance drops off, all the more difficult to keep whatever designer put it together interested in doing anymore on it.

The Web 2 revolution seems to have spawned many brilliant sites that have been launched and then left to die. I noticed, while on my standard cruise around some of the sites I like to view to keep the juices flowing, that there are a few with the correct slots for content, but no content. Have a look here: nakedcomms which was launched late 2005, run through a few of the options and you will see what I mean. Even space there for awards they intended to win. What did happen to them?

We will, sadly, see more of this from what I can gather.

We still have a few arrows left in stock, and with me getting more and more mobile the time is rapidly approaching when I will be back marking what counts in our world.

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