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Monday, October 30, 2006

Let the recovery begin.

catching up
One day back from the holiday; catching up on everything, including 300 spam messages naturally, and some real mail.

Checking out the changes at Twitter, looking better everyday; Yellow Arrow required a couple of entries that I glommed over the holidays. Documenting an epiphany that came to me about what to do with the site; the site that has been waiting for an update and reboot for more than two years now; checking out the latest crop of Postcrossing postcards that I have received; a wonderful project, people all over the world sharing postcards, including me.

All in all getting the electronic world, the bit that I can be bothered with, back in order. Previously mentioned resolutions, post holiday resolutions still hold.

back in the water
Upset, disoriented, I hate it when I have to change my routine. The local pool, my haven from everything, has been taken over by school children when I would be beginning my morning session; smelly, sweaty, festering children, still to learn the basics of personal hygiene. The one good point: the pool is now chlorine based, devoid of the salt mix, therefore a lot quicker at killing the microbes they leave behind.

Being adaptable, as per the holiday agreement, I attend in the mid afternoon, finding it free of clutter and noise.

The first serious attempt to get some movement in the shoulder, interrupted by the 'holiday', and now re assigned.

20 laps, 1 klm. With a kickboard. 5 laps freestyle - shoulder moving through a complete range of movement. Five as many as felt safe. Gratifying. Maybe stupid, but extremely gratifying. This weeks physio is to arrange a time for Lucy in the pool; get some exercises to keep the muscles building. I will have to confess to the freestyle. Sore pecs already. What lies ahead tomorrow is anyone guess. I'll risk it.

The reboot of the shoulder is finally beginning.

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