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Friday, November 10, 2006

Alas poor car..

financial pain as well? What is this?

Wednesday was down to the local pool, giant paddles in hand for a romp in the water similar to Monday. Flapping around in one place with your arms underwater; some patrons could have been forgiven for thinking I was up to a spot of 'self enjoyment' under there in hindsight.

Wednesday will go down in history as the day it actually rained. Really. It built up all day, great looking jet black clouds, best viewed from an indoor pool, and finally around 4.00pm it managed rain. A shitload of the stuff. Car accidents all over the place - people coming home from work forgetting that wet weather means take a bit more care, ramming each other.

All the better to be in when your car decides to break down 3 blocks from the last job cleaning job and 25 kilometers from home. Oh joy. Dead car. No warning. Just terminal.

Did all the manly things and made sure everything was approximately where it should be under the bonnet, and rang Road Service; the busiest night of the year so far and we have to need assistance. It arrived some 45 minutes later and confirmed what I had surmised: the car would not go. Suggestion: Tow it - and because it is the busiest night of the year please expect another 60 minute wait. Top stuff.

Far quicker than 60 minutes later as luck would have it, we have the car at the repairers and are at home scoffing wine.

The car never needs a repair that is under $500.00. This is a rule. I try and remain calm in the face of that fact.

Physio on Thursday managed to unlock all the stress muscles from the car, and the plain over training from the pool. Enough so I would not burst blood vessels in my eyeballs when I found out the true cost of the 'electrical malfunction'.

$480.00 - near enough to $500.00. Picked it up this morning. Drove it home - sternly. Let it know who's boss. Nudged it into the end of the garage to give it a subtle reminder that these things I can do - if I want. I am the boss. I pay for you, I can choose to blunt your nose a bit.

$480.00 gives me the right to do a whole lot to you, bastard car, remember that well.

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