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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Aqua boy overkill

it's a water thing
Finally back at the local pool - one day this week. One day because I manage to blitzkrieg myself. Too keen by far.

The trouble with water is you don't really feel too much in the way of muscle weariness while you remain in the water. You get out of the water and you usually manage to figure it out. You get rubber knees, fall down, and scream in pain.

Duplicating hydrotherapy stuff was the plan; along with a few laps. Laps would be structured thus - one with a board, one full freestyle. Legs getting most of everything. Arms, shoulders, and associated gear worked mildly according to instruction.

30 laps - 1.5 klms; looking good, long time since I have been there. Sensibly stopping then - don't want to overdo anything.

Pleased with such self control I have launched into my version of the hydro stuff I have been doing; equipped with giant paddle hands, swinging about madly in the water.

Obviously there are no limits to what can be done in the way of exercise in a pool; unless of course, you happen to have giant paddles on you hands and a determined mindset.

Outcome immediate: lethargy for the rest of the day. A shame considering the day was young when I began.

Outcome longer term: extreme pain in nearly every area. Why didn't tell me this could happen? No sleep that night - I don't know what that was about. Pain, headaches and associated malaise ever since, up to and including today.

Over training symptoms - remembered from years ago when I decided to be a Weider disciple - all of the above.

Sleepless night, turning into a 38 degree day, I'm back in bed, wide awake but thankfully air conditioned, trying to make up for an entire night of lost sleep. The day a resounding failure.

Tomorrow, Friday, a return date with the real hydrotherapy lady and obviously some explanation is going to be required.

Must remember this lesson, must remember this lesson...

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