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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Be stunned, amazed...in awe

you know you're getting sensible
When you haven't managed to post to a blog for nearly a week.

Means you have other things to do.

Means you have some sort of life.

I have been investigating this. There seems to be a hardcore group of internet users who exist for nothing more. They are identified by posting comments on Twitter about new posts to their blogs. One way of driving traffic I guess.

What you do is write a riveting post to your blog, perhaps more than one blog, perhaps tens of blogs, stunning everyone with your powers of perception, grasp of the human spirit, insight into the true person, then you mention the fact that you have done this on any or every public facility you can find.

Twitter does admirably for this - a high speed messaging system - thousands of disconnected thoughts crashing into one another all day, from the web, IM, and mobile phones. Let the waiting world know you have blessed them with another morsel of literary goodness for their immediate consumption.

The fact that no one gives a shit about what's happening beyond their own screen space does not enter into it. Tell you've done it, or, better still, get on there and bitch about how tired you are, but how you must 'post' before you can rest your tortured soul. Post for the little people out there hanging off your utterances.

Or, you can always ask people's opinion of your latest art directed design for your blog - should it perhaps be a little bolder in the sidebar shading, does the font look good.. Oh, and while you're here bask in my genius.

Damn it, all my blogs are the product of very little design, less imagination and involved no third party input; as anyone can tell.

I'm just here to comment.

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