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Monday, November 06, 2006

Therapy of the hydro kind

start the week getting wet
I have a social problem. I don't like the public. I don't like to be in public. I like the anonymity of what I do - here at home, or out on the cleaning jobs, locked in, no one able to get near me, waste my time.

I can do public appearances if I concentrate. Everything must be laid out. The route, the method of entry, who will be there; the complete setup.

Already this year I have managed to get to physio in a strange building, but comforted by the fact that I saw a familiar face from the hospital as soon as I got there.

This week, at my insistence, at my whining bitching insistence, I was to appear at a totally new location - a hydrotherapy establishment within a hospital complex.

Lucy, goddess of physio, had been kind enough to explain the complete layout to me, how to get there, who to see, the works.

Halfway there I'm getting the sweats. I know the area like the back of my hand, but this is one area I have never been.

The boom gate negotiated by simply saying my name. Looking good.

Parking the car seemed OK.

Finding the place was easy enough - follow the signs.

Get in the place and find the administration and things are coming undone. There are people everywhere. Everywhere.

Get the sign in process done. Forgot my name and age for the form. Present myself back at the counter; staff are good, she's leading me through it; my vision has pinned, I'm not seeing beyond the desk. Sweating. Spinning - just a bit.

There are people in a pool - there are a lot of people in a pool. But, there's also Lucy, kind enough to be there at the right time, giving me something to focus on, something, someone familiar.

Get in the pool. Get in a pool heated to 35 degrees, 95 degrees for them that use the real temperature. Covers the fact that I am sweating, stressing.

Getting into the whole thing. Even manage to not panic everytime someone comes near me - which they do - all the time - unavoidable, many people in a small pool you're going to have to run into someone.

One hour later and I have had the most complete workout I have ever had - all easy stuff, nothing to cause a grunt, nothing to make your eyeballs pop out with the pressure. Simply using water as resistance medium.

Brilliant. Beyond brilliant - exhilarating.

Home. Starting to get tired; mid afternoon and I'm getting tired. Pleasant feeling, but I'm still getting tired, and now, sore. Muscles are registering complaints with my central nervous system at a rate that threatens to overload the exchange lines.

I have in every muscle in my body - all from what is a setup designed to get the most out of my shoulder. I'm not only fixing my shoulder, I'm even managing to get a leg workout from trying to stabilize my self in the water.

Am I going to suffer? Yes. Am I going to go to bed as soon as I've had something to eat? Yes. Am I going to do it again? Hell yes.

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