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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rocketboom - here, now

Because I can you sniveling car wrecks


I stole it, I stole it, and I don't care... beat me, whip me..

Now, do this; every day go to the location above and watch the real news.
Remember, we will be asking questions.

Lots of questions.

If you don't know the answers you will get a smacked pee pee. Got it?

And remember children, just because Hugo Boss designed and manufactured uniforms for the Nazis, including the SAS, doesn't mean he's a bad man.

I rather fancied the idea of a woman in an SS uniform myself...

What, no video?


With Aristotle hanging off the other browser tab it seemed like sacrilege to bang out a video - what would he have thought?

I have always wondered if Aristotle was as good as many learned people have told me. Some I am inclined to believe, and some, being of my acquaintance, would say so just to have me wear my eyes out. Get your humor where you can find it, after all.

Too wise to download the audio book after the debacle with Dostoevsky, being some 15 CD's long and having no particular order after all that. So much for subliminal learning.

Too wise to download it to PDF and have the bloody thing floating around all over this poor machine. No, it stays in text form on the Gutenburg server, where I may, should I feel the inclination, read a chapter or two.

Aristotle seems happy on the server. He's a serious read at the best of times, but in Poetics he seems to be fully involved in telling me just how it's done. Right now we're in a serious discussion of Tragedy.

Let me tell you this boy knows Tragedy.

But, how did it come to be Aristotle anyway? I'm pleased you asked that question. I'm not real sure. I don't think it was anything to do with drugs. I was checking out screenplays by Tarantino and one thing led to another on Wikipedia, and then Aristotle seemed to be here.

I hate it when that happens.

Fact of the matter is Aristotle had the inside buzz on how to whack together a screenplay, being, as he was, kinda into that sort of thing, and having, as he did, an opinion on everything. A man of strong view I venture. He's sure a hell bashing them into me with this Poetics..

Not helping the thing is the fact that Hillman Curtis, short film maker of considerable note mentioned that he is writing another short movie due for filming in June or July, and I got to thinking that, that must be some kind of job; having to write a screenplay, one page, one minute; and things kind of degenerated from there.

That in no way describes why there is no weekly video. I can't really remember why there is no video, hell, there's been enough news.

I submit that I actually ventured back to the local pool and swam a kilometer earlier today, as proof that there is actual news. There's just no video. Where we come from we call that 'luck'.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Still here, still in fear

Dostoevsky and other well known people

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Friday, April 13, 2007


It's a question of black and white

It just goes downhill from here. A fascination for monochrome has set in. The evidence is below; the introduction to Tumblr.

Why in Quicktime? Because I am secretly a Mac fan (tell no one), and a secret admirer of Quicktime, primarily because of the cool things you can do with it.

And, without using an object tag and clothing the thing in a page the SWF movie was not going to happen, which really pissed me off, but them's the breaks. Size wise they are about the same, believe it or not.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Broadband back

The week, such as it was

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter, I suspect

So, the week got shorter
Easter. I am informed it will include tomorrow (Friday), and next Monday, and, a holiday for school children all of next week.

So, it's already the end of the week. You are indeed lucky that I feel little for the idea of a video, electing instead to practice my typing skills for this particular entry.

While Keith Richards has been snorting his father's ashes, sensibly mixed with quality cocaine, I have been brewing some Merlo Private blend.

Merlo, here in Brisbane, roast some serious coffee. You can visit them and check out the roasting process, consult an expert, and, as everyone should, select a fine Cuban Montecristo cigar, all in the same place. Even mentioning it makes me feel I should be there right now.

Merlo's Private blend is essential for celebratory situations and such a situation is today. Being, as I told you, the end of the week. Keep up please.

I celebrate not that it is the end of the week, for I work on the weekends, which means I lost a day off this week, I celebrate the lack of children for a few days, including Yvonne's two boys. This is cause for celebration. I may even eat ice cream this evening and get sick tomorrow because I did. Daring stuff.

and, time for a good book
If my dastardly plan works I will be left with two days of this long weekend where the children are home, I am home, and the only good thing to do is read a book.

I already have informed everyone of the arrival, from Amazon, of the much anticipated 'The Master and Margarita'; I have only got through the preface thus far - computer work managing a priority for reasons I cannot explain.

Now, thanks to a timely visit to the library by Yvonne, I also have Bret Easton Ellis's latest book, 'Lunar Park'. I don't remember if I have read 'American Psycho' or not, but I remember it as a fairly adventurous book, starring a well dressed killer. Lunar Park appears to be a seriously good read as well. I do like a good mass murderer.

The delicious dilemma; which to begin first. The Russian masterpiece, or the fast paced serial killer? Or, just remembered, the latest Elmore Leonard piece, 'The Hunted' - Elmore Leonard books always provide some fast paced action.

So, fro all the hype, and all the confusion about what chocolate has to do with Easter, I am confident the lengthened weekend will produce at least one bright spot - a good book.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mental health, puffiness, busy brain

Too late he realizes...
...surveying his face in the mirror, that an increase in his 'anti everything' pills, the age old, and still booming Tryptanol, have, other than dulling the raw edges of his emotions, also managed to cause the usual; a general bloating of the face, in fact the entire body.

Not as good look, and a side effect that is avoided by using a more modern drug, but, already well demonstrated, I feel the effect of late model scripts happening in my head and don't like it at all.

Apparently it is the time of year, maybe the period of my life when I need a top up, something to stop the mind working overtime, slow it enough to get some sleep, as if sleep should be a problem with the load of hypnotics, barbiturates and antihistamines already on board by sleep time.

A busy brain is a blessing sometimes, but more often a bitch; not enough time to get ideas on paper, considering the old solution, carry a tape recorder; too many ideas, on too many fronts - I'm well used to it, but still it's an imposition.

Creativity peaks these times, too often hopelessly impossible plans, limited by size, cost, ability. Noted, stored, and perused at a later date, and some, surprisingly, still make sense; some don't.

The futility of chemically rewiring the brain. Fact is, it's probably best left to it's own plan, make people meet you the way you are, rather than presenting as the way they expect. I tell them I'm sedated. They can believe, or not, as they prefer. I've already proved that you can say anything to anyone and they will only take the bits they want to believe, the pieces they can handle.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Broadband - BigPond - small puddle

screwed in the name of broadband

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And, get here, read, understand, adopt, comply, or risk death.