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Thursday, April 26, 2007

What, no video?


With Aristotle hanging off the other browser tab it seemed like sacrilege to bang out a video - what would he have thought?

I have always wondered if Aristotle was as good as many learned people have told me. Some I am inclined to believe, and some, being of my acquaintance, would say so just to have me wear my eyes out. Get your humor where you can find it, after all.

Too wise to download the audio book after the debacle with Dostoevsky, being some 15 CD's long and having no particular order after all that. So much for subliminal learning.

Too wise to download it to PDF and have the bloody thing floating around all over this poor machine. No, it stays in text form on the Gutenburg server, where I may, should I feel the inclination, read a chapter or two.

Aristotle seems happy on the server. He's a serious read at the best of times, but in Poetics he seems to be fully involved in telling me just how it's done. Right now we're in a serious discussion of Tragedy.

Let me tell you this boy knows Tragedy.

But, how did it come to be Aristotle anyway? I'm pleased you asked that question. I'm not real sure. I don't think it was anything to do with drugs. I was checking out screenplays by Tarantino and one thing led to another on Wikipedia, and then Aristotle seemed to be here.

I hate it when that happens.

Fact of the matter is Aristotle had the inside buzz on how to whack together a screenplay, being, as he was, kinda into that sort of thing, and having, as he did, an opinion on everything. A man of strong view I venture. He's sure a hell bashing them into me with this Poetics..

Not helping the thing is the fact that Hillman Curtis, short film maker of considerable note mentioned that he is writing another short movie due for filming in June or July, and I got to thinking that, that must be some kind of job; having to write a screenplay, one page, one minute; and things kind of degenerated from there.

That in no way describes why there is no weekly video. I can't really remember why there is no video, hell, there's been enough news.

I submit that I actually ventured back to the local pool and swam a kilometer earlier today, as proof that there is actual news. There's just no video. Where we come from we call that 'luck'.

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