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Thursday, May 24, 2007

But, back to YTMND

YTMND could cure your social ineptness...
Then again, maybe not.

I have spoken to you before about YTMND, on this very blog in fact, you lucky bastards. I mention it again: a> because I can, b> because I managed to produce something to display on it. Very proud we are. Very proud parents of the initial YTMND offering.

Behold the entry: http://zoetrope.ytmnsfw.com/

Disagreeable though it is, I have been forced to elect the NSFW tag in accordance with the YTMND rules and regulations, least they vaporise me with their vapor machine. I'm sure they have one. So, you will be required to enter an age to get to it.

The next, and indeed the most recent entry was born of obsession with spectrograms. Not having any fame in the vocal recording field, and not seeing any in the future, I had to inflict the results on YTMND, lucky you:

Behold again: http://hubrisity.ytmnd.com/
And remember, be very awed, awed to the nth degree.

Topic change: Spectograms.
There I was, reading the Wikipedia entry on Nine Inch Nails, having been sent there from an article about HDR imaging, and hi definition video which cited NIN as an example, where was I?...

So, there I sat - Spectograms. Uses thereof.

Naturally my brain comes up with a million. But, how to do it? Obviously a man would be mad not to include one at the end of any video he happened to have knocked up for the purposes of blogging with a moving picture such as I had been doing weekly (hang on, that calls for a URL) for some time, but had temporarily ceased because I fell out of love with my own image.. and so on...

... ya still with me here? It looks as though I need to do one more video at least, so I can indulge my fascination for this odd artwork delivered by sound.

I feel, for your edification I should upload a sample, but because I am indeed a lazy bastard I don't think I'll bother.

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